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This list of active JS projects was compiled from older lists of tracked projects and 2013 projects.

JavaScript Language

Parallel JS

  • Goal: Expose finer-grain parallelism to JavaScript.
  • Team: sstangl, luke, niko, shu?
  • Tracking bug: bug 891877
  • More info: Work includes a parallel subset of JS (bug 891877), RiverTrail/ParallelArray (bug 801869), and prototyping Shared ArrayBuffers.

ECMA-402 i18n






Typed Objects


Generational GC

Memory-dependent GC Configuration

  • Goal:
  • Team: TBD
  • Tracking bug: TBD
  • More info: Currently the GC settings are configured for Unagi devices with 256 MB, and even if this is our current target in terms of Market, but we would need to generalize our GC settings to perform best on all devices (see Bug 898556). Even with GGC, we might still have frequenct GCs if we overflow the nursery before the next minor GC.


  • Incremental Browser Marking
  • Compacting GC
  • Nursery allocation of JSStrings
  • G1: The Good Parts bug 902174
  • Concurrent GC



  • Goal: Optimize ARM performance for Firefox OS and Android.
  • Team: dcrosher, jcoppeard, mrosenberg
  • Tracking bug: bug
  • More info:



Web Browser Grand Prix

Selenium Browser Benchmark

  • Goal: Create a test framework to browse real websites using Selenium scripts and measure performance regressions.
  • Team: jmaher, bclary, luke
  • Tracking bug: bug
  • More info: The A-Team is implementing this test framework with input from Luke.

Start-up Cache

Dev Tools


Technical Debt

Run TBPL Tests On All Platforms

  • Goal: Get our existing test suites running on TBPL in all combinations of the shell and browser on both desktop and ARM.
  • Team:
  • Tracking bug: bug
  • More info:

Minimize Header Dependencies

  • Goal: Reduce header dependencies of jsapi.h and friends to improve rebuild times.
  • Team: njn
  • Tracking bug: bug 908050
  • More info: bug 785103 tracks header minimization for all of Gecko.

Refactor MOP

Remove JSContext

  • Goal: The single-threaded JSRuntime makes JSContext unnecessary, but most of the work is to make Gecko stop depending on them (bug 767938).
  • Team:
  • Tracking bug: JSContext bug 650361 and Gecko bug 767938
  • More info: