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  • Time: Friday, 2012 January 13, 9:05 - 9:50am PT (17:05 - 17:50 UTC)
  • Location:
    • Audio/Video: Jetpack Vidyo room
    • Audio Only:
      • US: +1-800-707-2533, password 369, conference number 99449
      • US/Intl: +1-650-903-0800 or +1-650-215-1282, extension 92, conference number 99449



  • dbuc
  • dietrich
  • myk
  • pike


addon pages

  • would be useful in potential project to make FlightDeck an addon
  • 2011 Q4 goal that didn't get done in time
  • seems to be 2012 Q1 priority, but consult Jetpack project drivers

apps work week

  • myk attended, learned a lot about apps roadmap
  • platform features seem to be landing in core platform
  • still unclear what Firefox features will be
  • an option for Firefox features to land as core addon

actions from previous meeting

  • dietrich to talk to bwalker to clarify plans for Apps UI integration into Firefox
    • being estimated now, by Felipe
  • mixedpuppy to file bug on making hidden-frame compatible with custom apps
    • no update

HTML page l10n proposal

  • myk posted last month
  • has received feedback from Jetpack team
  • has received some feedback from l10n team
  • pike likes that it uses keys rather than gettext-like raw string replacement
  • pike wants any solution to allow localizers to group related localizations (f.e. link title, shortcut key) and reorder simple HTML safely
  • there is existing support in the platform for sanitizing a string of HTML against a whitelist of safe tags/attributes
  • localized strings that embed simple HTML could be run through that sanitizer


  • -> Axel to impress upon gandalf/stas the importance of providing input on HTML page localization proposal