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  • Time: Friday, 2012 June 15, 9:05 - 9:50am PT (16:05 - 16:50 UTC)
  • Location:
    • Audio/Video: Jetpack vroom
    • Audio Only:
      • US Only: +1-800-707-2533, password 369, conference number 99449
      • US/Intl: +1-650-903-0800, extension 92, conference number 99449
  • Notes: etherpad


  • actions from previous meeting
  • roundtable
    • status of landing loader in Firefox


  • canuckistani
  • gozala
  • mixedpuppy
  • myk
  • pike



Addon Train

  • mixedpuppy suggested addon train
  • exposing collection of Labs addons for new users on AMO
  • like Gmail Labs features in Google Mail
  • Frank Yan suggested using Test Pilot
  • seems like it'd be better to use Test Pilot
  • and fix it if it doesn't work the way we want it to
  • Test Pilot is being rewritten by Gregg Lind to use the SDK
  • Shane intends to look into it
  • but Social API is attracting much attention
  • and it'll suck up his attention for a while
  • at least through the Firefox 16 "central" development cycle
  • next 3-4 weeks

Landing the Loader

  • mossop reviewed the loader code
  • he was planning to land it this morning
  • he should land it very soon


  • pike noticed that the jetpack api for plurals is not compatible with the firefox l10n infrastructure
  • if jetpack addons want to upstream into firefox, they'll need to use the toolkit plurals api
  • in theory addons shipped on amo are not affected, although amo's l10n tests might complain about missing strings
  • it's hard to update l10n infrastructure because of all the different tools that would need to be updated
  • it's hard to make changes to the l10n infrastructure
  • all the tools suck so much that no one tool is the most popular
  • the tools are maintained by people with different assumptions about l10n
  • whenever a new paradigm is introduced by a new tool, it crashes the others
  • new variable format with double curly braces (which pdfjs uses) is also problematic
  • b2g is doing something similar to jetpack
  • b2g's l10n scope is expanding

what's next after the loader lands?

  • planning still in progress
  • landing api-utils and addon-kit in firefox might be a high priority
  • rewriting cfx in js
  • changing package infrastructure to just modules
  • otherwise there are two different paradigms in same project
  • we'll need to see where we are by the end of this quarter