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These are materials (slide decks, handouts, etc.) for presentations that project participants have given at conferences and other events.

If you are giving a presentation about Jetpack, feel free to use these materials for your presentation! And if you've created your own materials, please add them to this list so others can use them in their presentations. You can upload your materials to this wiki or simply reference their canonical locations elsewhere.

Title Author Date Sources Language Notes
Jetpack Project Intro Myk Melez 2010-04-29 Jetpack.odp, Jetpack.pdf English This is a brief introduction to the project that was made for a lightning talk at a Mozilla Labs Night.
The latest from Mozilla Jetpack mitcho 2010-04-15 slides English 60+ slides about Jetpack. Used at the JSConf US, Washington DC
Extending Firefox with Jetpack Erik Vold 2010-05-19 jetpack-vanjs.odp, jetpack-vanjs.pdf English These are the slides used for a presentation for the VanJS meetup group, going over Jetpack's evolution, Jetpack SDK 0.3, and the road ahead.
Prepare for Liftoff Myk Melez 2010-06-30 Prepare for Liftoff.odp, Prepare for Liftoff.pdf English Subtitled "Jetpack & the Future of Add-on Development", this 1/2 hour talk for the 2010 London Mozilla Add-ons Workshop introduced the project, explaining its motivations and goals, giving a brief history, and talking about plans for the future.
Zero to Add-on in Five Minutes Myk Melez 2010-07-07 YouTube video English Myk demonstrates how to build an add-on in less than five minutes using the Add-on Builder as part of the 2010 Mozilla Summit opening day keynote presentations.
Prepare for Liftoff Myk Melez 2010-07-09 Prepare for Liftoff - Summit 2010.odp, Prepare for Liftoff - Summit 2010.pdf English This is an updated version of the MAOW presentation for the 2010 Mozilla Summit that includes more detail about plans for the future, including specific project plans for 2010 Q3 and SDK 1.0.
Jetpack SDK: The new possibility of the extensions on browser Littlebtc 2010-08-14 slides English/? "In the joint conference of COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010, which is the biggest FLOSS conference in Taiwan this year with more then 1,000 attendees, I gave a 30 minutes presentation about Jetpack SDK and how to developer extension with Addon Builder." - blog post
Add-ons for All: The Mozilla Add-ons API and Builder Brian King 2010-11-20 Slides English An overview of the API and Builder, with some tips on how to get started on your own add-on.
Getting Started with Mozilla's Add-on SDK Jeff Griffiths 2010-09-13 Slides English An introduction to the Jetpack Project, SDK and Builder, including a sub-topic on interacting with web content.
Getting Started with Mozilla's Add-on SDK Jeff Griffiths 2010-09-29 Slides English An introduction to the Jetpack Project, SDK and Builder. This talk was used as the introductory remarks at the London SDK Workshop.
Interacting with Web Content Mozilla Add-on SDK Workshop Jeff Griffiths 2010-09-29 Slides English An overview of SDK modules used to interact with page content, includes examples.