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Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2012-1-3

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  • Matteo
  • Eddy
  • Jeff
  • Myk
  • Brian
  • Dave Townsend ( Mossop )
  • Dave Mason
  • Alex
  • Jorge
  • Gabor
  • Will
  • Daniel


Q4 re-cap

  • mobile page-mod, done, no problems in tests
    • blog post? Jeff Yes
    • action item: check in on blog post progress
    • device-log work? not landed
  • simple localization: done
  • html localization proposal, 'medium rare'
    • got some feedback, need more?
    • also, from Axel, will get back to us
    • implementation?
      • depends on how we feel about l20n
      • need conversation with Axel, Gandalf
  • indexDB:
    • all reviews, nearly landed
    • 1 failing test
  • unpacked xpis: landed
  • addonTab: Irakli is in Vacation until next week

Perf testing

Bug 714110

  • JSON serialization broken in Fx 10
  • new proxy type explicitly prevents type checking if arrays
  • deliberate change in behaviour
    • need to pass only strings between compartments
  • probably will not be fixed in Firefox
  • Eddy will mark wontfix, will open blocker SDK bug


  • 1.0 launch
  • search is good
  • super user is working
  • add-on builder helper re-write:
  • starting to think about 2012 plans


Hidden window

  • etherpad: https://etherpad.mozilla.org/PKnhLh9qO7
  • using xul windows?
    • problem automatically closing them
    • hidden window is closed at very specific time, to support OS X menu
  • setting display:none could prevent underlying OS window?
  • re-use a single hidden window
    • limit access to window, only give add-on limited api