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Beta deployment
This is an overview of the beta Join Mozilla Program.
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Join Mozilla is a new community engagement and support program aimed primarily at Firefox users: it gives them a simple way to support our mission.

Join Mozilla in 5 Bullets

  • Over 400 million people use Firefox every day. Many of these people want to do more: to show their support and help in our efforts to build a better web.
  • We need simple, fun ways for these people to connect and engage with Mozilla. Join Mozilla is a first step.
  • Join Mozilla is clear, simple program where millions of people can easily support and keep abreast of Mozilla and the open web.
  • This massive new community of supporters will back (and cheer on!) the work of 40,000+ Mozillians who already contribute their time and passion.
  • Supporter funds go to grants and projects. They help us create new technologies, spread new ideas, and inspire innovation across the web.


  • Build on (and grow) brand affinity for Firefox: help people understand that we're about something bigger than just a browser.
  • Grow a bigger base to back 50k Mozillians who donate time: millions of supporters backing our community.
  • Raise funds for grants and programs like Mozilla Drumbeat that create new tools and drive innovation.


  • Join Mozilla is NOT a replacement for our existing contributor community
    • We already have programs to support Firefox and Thunderbird contributors, and plan to grow and improve them throughout 2011
    • We also have programs like Mozilla Drumbeat aimed at getting new kinds of contributors and projects into Mozilla
  • Caveat: we do hope that many people who express their support through Join Mozilla will eventually volunteer time or get involved in some other way

Key blog postings

Status Updates

Beta launch

Join Mozilla went live on Friday, March 11.

Creative materials

Full Launch

Launch date

  • Tentative launch date is May 8, 2011


  • Resolve bugs (2 weeks)
  • Development (4-6 weeks)
  • QA/security review (2 weeks)

Project Plan / New Features for Launch

  • Responsys integration (TBD)
  • improvements (l10n detection)
  • Sign-up page improvements
    • Improved language detection
    • UI improvements
  • l10n
    • Add Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Czech, and French
  • Store
    • More t-shirt colours
    • Option to make additional donation (user-determined amount)
    • Printed membership card (TBD)
  • Customer Service solution - outsourced to respond to inquiries re: payment/shipping issues
  • WebTrends dashboard
  • Marketing
    • Promos
    • Facebook badges
    • Newsletter
  • Engagement plan
    • Events toolkit






Other assets


How l10n works with Join Mozilla l10n for Join Mozilla is a little different than l10n for other Mozilla projects. As we are using a 3rd party service provider, many of the localized strings need to be manually added to this 3rd party payment processing system.

Before a language can be added to Join Mozilla several things have to be in order:

  • Customer support is available in that language - Join Mozilla supporters donate money and often have questions about their donation, delivery of swag they may have purchased or questions.
  • Language support with the Blue State Digital payment processing system. This is a dictionary of over 3000 terms that the system requires to support that locale (includes thinks like error messages).
    • Current languages available are: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Czech

Below are the items to be localized as well as a link to the SVN repository.

List of items to be localized

  • Verbatim
    • Join Mozilla T-shirt, HangTag and certificate/card assets (need to be layed out in that locale and should also trigger creation of the T-shirt in that locale)
    • Join Mozilla thank you page - strings already in l10n system
    • Join Mozilla Twitter and Facebook copy
    • Join Mozilla FAQ
    • Mozilla header and footer
    • Welcome letter/card (still in production)
  • BSD
    • Join Mozilla landing page (copy added to BSD wrapper and contribution page) copy - in verbatim and then copied and pasted into BSD
    • Join Mozilla custom dictionary terms
    • Join Mozilla welcome e-mail (copy added to BSD contribution page)
  • Recurring Communications
    • Join Mozilla bi-monthly e-mail
    • Join Mozilla event-based blasts


  • Start swag production
  • Add customer support for that locale
  • Upload the localized graphics to BSD
  • Commits locale bouncer
  • Commit the localized certificate/card to SVN
  • Just before IT deploys create/add the BSD contribution page/update wrapper with header and footer info for that locale
    • duplicate page, copy and paste in copy, set contribution group to that locale, copy and paste in header and footer content, copy and paste in welcome e-mail, do manual tweaks to change paths to images, ensure custom ticketing enabled
  • IT deploys an update on with the localization (faq, thank you) and pulls down the certificate
  • Speedy Q/A and security review
  • Have Responsys group set up for that locale

Get Involved

If you want to get involved in rolling out Join Mozilla, join the newsgroup, find us on IRC at #join, or join the weekly community marketing calls.

  • The google version of the mailing list is here. There is also a mozilla.join newsgroup version.
  • Mozilla Community marketing calls
    • #marketing IRC channel
    • Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391#
    • Or you can use our toll-free number: +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#. If you're outside the US, use Skype to call in with our toll-free number.

Join Mozilla Team