Kami911 report Jun-July 2011

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Reporter User:Kami911
Date July 2011
Recruits 0
Past Items Attending on Hegyalja Fest

Attending on Sysadminday2011

Articles about Firefox:


  • Organize community program to activate community members (2 possible volunteers so far)
Next Items I am going to have holiday :oD
  • Working with new volunteers (prepare their activities)
  • Writing articles
  • Prepare the launch of Firefox 6

Event: Attended Hegyalja Fest - Free software Camp as Mozilla Presence Organizer

Event: Attended Sysadminday 2011, Budapest as Participant

Link: Hegyalja Fest - Free software Camp - Hungarian article

Link: Firefox 6 beta is here

Link: Extension compability

Link: Firefox 6 has released

Link: Firefox users, be careful with Anti-Virus scam

Link: About MemShrink project

Link: Firefox is the most popular browser in Hungary

Link: Do for Mozilla Community and get swags