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See Websites/Firefox_3.6_Start_Page for complete project details.

Project owners

  • Project Manager: Christie Koehler (ckoehler)
  • Project Owner: Laura Forrest (lforrest)

Project scope outline

  • What is the estimated length of localizable content (in number of strings and words)?
    • 10-20
  • What is your project's key functionality?
    • to encourage users to upgrade to the current version of firefox
    • host the start page for firefox per our contract with Google
  • Where will your project live?
    • start.mozilla.org
  • What are your target locales?
    • All of the locales that were supported in Firefox 3.6 and below. ckoehler is working on a discrete list.
  • What is your estimated rate of L10n expansion (i.e., approx. number of L10ns you hope to add each quarter)?
    • We would like to launch wtih all locales complete.
  • What are your available resources?
  • What is your project's expected life-cycle (i.e., short-term/long-term)?
    • long-term, although with dwindling usage
  • What L10n requirements have you already defined?
    • see above regarding target locales

Release schedule

Identify the following as part of development phases:

  • Dates outlining development phases for the first localized releases.
    • 3/29 Design Complete
    • 3/30 Implementation Begins
    • 4/4 String Freeze
    • 4/5 Begin L10N
    • 4/24 Launch
  • Cost in days for each development phase.

Timeline to implementation

Complete timeline: http://bit.ly/ys1mZd