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This page contains all of the important details for (Mozilla-hosted) Firefox 3.6 Start Page.


Default homepage for Firefox 3.6 users (previously Will include increasingly disruptive and urgent messaging to encourage users to upgrade.

More Information

Tracking Bug


  • Launch Date: 4/24
    • Above date is *not* flexible since it is based on Firefox 3.6's EOL.
  • Schedule:

Code Details

  • Code name: Firefox 3.6 Start Page
  • Prod URL: TBD
  • Dev URL: TBD
  • Stage URL: TBD
  • Code Repo:
  • L10N Repo: TBD
  • Code: Python
  • Product Owner: Engagement / Laura Forrest
  • Dev Team: Webdev / Fred Wenzel
  • TPM: Christie Koehler
  • IRC Channel: #ff36eol
  • Team Email: None.


The primary and secondary contacts for each role of this project:

  • Product owner: Laura Forrest (lforrest)
  • TPM: Christie Koehler (ckoehler)
  • Designer: Ty Flanagan (ty)
  • UX: TBD
  • Web Dev: Fred Wenzel, Jon Petto
  • IT: Corey Shields
  • QA: Raymond Etornam (retornam)
  • Security: Yvan Boily (yvan)
  • Legal: TBD
  • L10N: Pascal or Milos

Filing Bugs

Goals and Measurements



  • page to be hosted on Mozlila infrastructure (previously hosted by Google)
  • needs to utilize snippets service
  • needs to be localized in all languages that are available for Firefox
  • design / ux needs to urge users to upgrade to latest version of FF
  • high availability and quick load times (as close to locally-served about:home as possible)
  • needs to be available via ssl


End of Life