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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel

Proposed agenda

  • AMO news
  • QA news
  • Buffet - progress and specific action plans
  • Triaging bug list for new locales - update on efforts by Gerv, Mic, Paul, Axel, John
  • Fx2 postmortem ideas


Tim, Axel, Wilc, Choffman, Mic, Pascal Absent: Seth


  • There were significant performance issues last week, which have been resolved (we hope)
  • Potentially L10n related: We've added a blog to AMO site [WilC please insert link here], we haven't figured out where to put a link yet, this may be used as another way to communicate to the public


  • JT Batson (marketing team) planning to create en-IN locale, as variant English. Asa and JT going to Brazil in June to do some community building and publicity and some market share boost. JT and Seth going to India in July, have a set of students lined up to do some research to figure out what bookmarks, RSS feeds and Search engines would be appropriate for this en-IN version in India. Hoping to put something together for fall launch. It would be more targeted to an Indian audience.

ACTION: get an update from Seth on specifics


Tim - waiting on firmer release schedule for when to schedule Smartware to do Clint - working on automated tool, starting with partner angle

ACTION: Mic set up off-line discussion to review specifications

ACTION: Micro-format and Web Handling - Mic to review to clarify regional/locale impact

Buffet/better helping localizers

Pascal is working with Seth on helping localizers building communities. Will be testing Mongolian as example to see if we can help them with the tools we've proposed. Met with Localizer yesterday and proposal was well received. Mozilla Corporation will be assisting financially with small amount of $400 for hosting (Mongolian Localizer now living in Germany, so that's 300€). We are working with them to find volunteer web designers, help him with advices on building a community and choose an appropriate domain name with him. Will report back on progress.

Triaging Bug list

  • Gerv started a thread with Lilly, Mic, PKim, Axel regarding triaging the bug list related to starting new locales.
  • We've considered this and the following are the specific next steps: Gerv will do a read-only review of the bug list to ascertain the current state, Axel will prepare a message for those on the bug list to ask if they're still interested in pursuing a locale version of Firefox or Thunderbird, Axel/Mic are working on various documentation to better support these potential new Localizers with introductory materials to the build process (there is a lot of technical detail that needs love and care)
  • We will be encouraging new Localizers to create a language pack which will be listed on AMO. This allows Localizers to start somewhere and doesn't require Mozilla Corporation to commit additional resources to support these language packs until later stages when Localizers move towards official builds (for more detail see the Localization Process overview). Existing or ongoing "Beta" builds will be hosted on the main Mozilla page. Language packs don't have a full installer or dedicated website or locale-chosen search engines, bookmarks, etc. They do provide the benefit of automated updates although a known bug prevents people from getting security updates
  • From our discussion we know that we need Engineering resources dedicated to fix the known bug; This is a significantly different user experience than the "regular" download; on AMO this will be seen as a regular XPI file; we can add a category for language packs on AMO; and given the AMO guidelines (scroll to "What are the criteria for public add-ons" to find out the requirements) we can rely on the community to assist in doing a review and then pushing it live based on their feedback/experience; no work has been done on the bugs as of yet there are known duplicates that need to be addressed by encouraging people to work together and create something users can test
  • There is another known bug for allowing sandbox add-ons to get updates
  • There was some discussion about whether it matters if this happens before or after cvs - which gives us different information; no conclusions were drawn

ACTION: Gerv (+ help offered from Mic, Pascal and Choffman) to start

Fx2 postmortem

  • One specific action item is to better communicates who person is who owns release notes, last time was Jay, wiki page item for person in charge
  • QA has nothing direct to do
  • Axel most of list has been covered for Firefox 3, having said that, we're not sure all 'fires' are contained. Might be good to get an update from RobC as to what (to date) can bust l10n? (scary thought)

ACTION: choffman: raise as an issue, good idea


  • Please check out pages that have been reviewed and completed, any comments very welcomed