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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel


  • Community Building
  • QA update
  • Documentation/triage
  • AMO/Language packs
  • Other


Axel, Mic, Pascal, WilC


these notes are still in draft format

Community building

Pascal took an action to track down the swedish editors, most came back as non-existent; we found one active person so this community is in need of more support

  • Common infrastructure for mozilla europe; working well, no main issues, there are some testing issues
  • Filing bugs about language issues? e.g., german grammar mistake on in-product web pages; for now, people have been filing bugs using mozilla.com or mozilla-europe categories; suggested action: file a bug about bugzilla to address this (one caveat, we shouldn't make it too complex e.g., all websites per language might work

ACTION: Pascal to file bug to start a discussion on how to do this effectively

  • Pascal has been opening lots of ldap and sdn accounts for localizers lately
  • Mozilla japan has asked Axel to present at Mozilla 24 on localization; need to figure out what to say; supposed to be in September broadcast from Paris; 2 hour time slot; not sure who target audience is; will get more information (kaori just recently asked)


AMO/Lang packs

  • Good meeting yesterday with Madhava (new UE person at Mozilla) coming up with lots of new ideas; particularly, another set of mock ups for the category pages; see wiki page below; intent is to do one more set of mock ups and then start implementing changes; while there is nothing specific to language packs, the changes will help everybody


  • Lilly's feedback was to ensure the user experience is significantly improved. Axel intends to call John so he can get a sense of priority of this effort relative to others he's working on; known issues with user experience for end user download is that in some cases bundling with an installer is required and that will take time to write (to bundle with existing installer, need to get localization strings into installer); these types of builds dont' have a clear path to a fully localized build which is of concern; generally we think we should focus on things we can fix incrementally in user profile to deal with these issues of updating; not sure it will make the Fx3 deadline

Action: Axel might find time to take a day to create the right bugs for this work


  • It's expected that Firefox3 updates will use testing this week, then we'll want to assess if we're getting good testing results. Now would be a good time to test if results are good.
  • Testing infrastructure discussed several weeks ago [editor's note, place link to discussion here] not set up yet

ACTION: TimR to find out how far from getting what we anticipated for next week's call

  • focus to date has been first to get Minotaur tool in to good shape, then get hooked into build process for more full automation
  • Do we have a best guess for when to implement SmartWare language testing? discussion was unclear as to time lines with a suggestion to use last year's time frame give or take 30 days


  • Fx - freeze on Thursday, builds will be available on Friday, then next week for release date

Action: TimR to ask drivers to send more information to release drivers via email, that distribution list doesn't seem to be very active although the recipients are awaiting news