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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (notetaker: micb)


Axel, Chofmann, Mic, Pascal, Sethb, Wilc, (Timr on vacation)

Meeting Notes

  • Community Development
    • Community Package: working on content and other areas critical to be solved e.g., hosting; working on new structure

Firefox 3.0.x and 3.1

  • 30 locales for Firefox 3.0.x in bugzilla, including ZA and hy-AM, though.
  • actually the list is more like 20 as the African locales are not being worked on presently
  • likely these need a poke e.g., Estonian, etc.; ACTION: Sethb organize a weekly triage call e.g., Tuesday
  • landed Assamese, Bengali, Estonian, Galecian, Hindi, icelandic, kannada and mayalam on the build
  • other locales
    • ZA
      • 10 languages not shipping nor worked on
      • resolve INCOMPLETE and reopen once they get picked up? ACTION: mic poke Friedel to find out if he's ok with this or what he'd like to do
    • Marathi
      • last status - waiting on Joyce
    • Nepali
      • Mic/Pike spoke with Basanta, working on build will get back to team with an ETA on completing build
    • Kinyarwanda
      • Waiting to be confirmed before dropping from incubator; ACTION: mic confirm that Stephen is ok to move to Fx3 then Axel can drop from incubator
    • Thai
      • Landed on build; completed productization review
      • Action: Axel, poke Gen on action for these guys, see if he can help shepperd them along
    • Welsh
      • needs to land; tinderbox, etc ACTION: to Axel
    • Vietnamese
      • Gen talking with Jasper and local government for support, no updates so far
      • Action: Axel, poke Gen on action for these guys, see if he can help shepperd them along
    • Armenian
      • slow on picking up patches
  • mailto for Gmail and Hotmail
    • ACTION: mic to add list of locales to those bugs, resolve https for Gmail if possible
    • ACTION: mic double check whether anyone wants to --- input on dynamis stuff
  • Firefox 3.1: Repository structure:
    • This will be run repo by locales (great news), bsmedberg's stuff didn't get all picked up by build so Axel will see if J'Oduinn's team will pick up the patch (people still waiting on an owner to implement this);
    • We have a compare locales running for Mozilla Central which is a bit more flexible than before and just have to land administrative file
  • QA
    • we will do a brainstorm session at summit with localization teams on where they think testing coverage isn't great
  • Summit
    • community building, scaling and community pack condensed into 1 presentation; chofmann, mic, gandalf and sethb work together to build this presentation; ACTION sethb create skeleton outline and others can add in where there are gaps
    • Firefox3 post mortem: what happened, what could have been done better, what we'll do differently going forward; QA/Testing need to be clearer and bar needs to be raised - combine and identify these areas that folks are working on: pt-PT tool needs to be demonstrated, project on Spanish portal which has some low end easy testing questions, litmus review. ACTION: get Axel's skeleton up and this is like the keynote for localizers and then breakouts for topics one for QA

ACTION: Setbh talk to Lilly and DPortillo on these

  • Verbatim/AMO
    • consolidated
    • contracted Royal Order (tro) design firm to do a skin for Verbatim (enhancements)
  • Roundtable
    • submitting 3 higher level goals: adding 5 localizations over Q3; building a specific set of guidelines that other groups in development process should consier when doing new stuff e.g., build, marketing; getting 20 localizations into 3.1 beta
    • send stuff want to work on for this quarter mapped to this quarter
    • feedback is looks really good, tangible and important goals, don't bite off more than we can chew