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Meeting Details

  • 9:00am Pacific, 12:00pm Eastern
  • 650-903-0800 x91 Conf# 206 (US/INTL)
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for backchannel
  • (notetaker: micb)


Sethb, Axel, Pascal, Mic, Timr, Vaction: CHofmann an WilC

Meeting Notes


  • 5 new languages for this quarter reeived very well by steering i.e., John and Shaver
  • 20 locales in 3.1 beta - well received
  • Creating guidelines document
  • There were great individual emails to highlight personal goals. ACTION: all this week please provide SethB one last round of edits please individually

Firefox Triage

  • notes from call sent to l10n-drivers for details
  • there are 17 candidate builds + 2 (welsh and esperanto) not reported on dashboard
  • team focused on landing languages into build process; poking those localizers stalled on progress and closing bugs
  • ACTION: seth/mic email draft to Axel about poking


  • Tim give QA update and specific needs this week from us. Mention longer term needs we should be aware of. Other.
  • aiming to do a pilot for new testing support for localizers. if successful then blogging about it; test expected to be run within 30 days
  • 3.1 alpha no locales - for 3.1 beta, expected to copy over test cases for litmus, will be slightly different tests to run; all in all there are currently 6 new strings for 3.1 no explicit test cases for UI


  • Wil/Seth give brief update on Verbatim to apprise everyone of the progress.

PRO is design firm uploading a skin for verbatim today to take a look

  • Dan Schafer has been hacking on verbatim, pootle


  • Quick overview of sessions, Flickr Idea/email, Localizer room/lighting chats, condensing presentations (Verbatim/Pootle), team arrivals, etc
  • Sethb will send out email to localizers asap (thanks mic)
  • all please share your arrival times and flight information to team
  • Fx3 post mortem: Axel's what's good and what do in future - give presentation again leave 20 minutes for chofmann and tim to do QA part and 20 mintues for pascal on web parts; all expected to be at this presentation as part of presenting cre; seth do brief introduction and moderation cut into 3 parts do web parts
  • Fennec mic review with axel - main objective here's how you localize it, here's known issues, discuss, also Philippe has volunteered to talk about his work in localizing it already
  • Community package part of Community Development and Marekting presentations; Seth sees it as positive and productive so ok to repeat


  • Seth's blog on tools, well received by Lilly

Action: mic to add Gandalf to l10n drivers