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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 9am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  • Attendees:

See also the individual notes below.



  • Shipped Fx4
  • Attended TC39 i18n ad-hoc. Good progress
  • post-Seth chats
  • dashboard branding for 2.0/2.1. Bad mojo, life doesn't like life.


  • we launched Glow, Twitter Party and Facebook Badges in 30+ locales!
  • there was some last-minute (literally) that I wasn't happy about
  • Spark is silent launching tomorrow (official launch is with Fx mobile launch), and again, two strings were just added :/
  • I fixed 2 bugs in the todo app! :)




  • We launched mozila.com in 82 locales, 8 beta locales are falling back to English or French pages but with the right download box, home page with a download counter and an updated design (much closer to en-US/firefox/new/ than I thought possible at first)
  • Mozilla Europe updated with a new design
  • Features page fully localized for 23 of our key locales on both sites, more to come post Fx4
  • Major update box ready for 70 locales
  • Snippets on home page ready for almost all of our locales (about:home)
  • Google snippets ready for all 3.6 locales and pending Google publishing them (pobably this week)
  • Led a 2 days localization sprint in the Paris office where 3 non-profit organizations (Frenchmozila, Floss Manuals, Framalang) translated a ful Thunderbird manual
  • Last minute updates to links to twitter party and facebook on key pages for Gregory
  • Tons of improvements to mozilla.com to have fallback solutions for pages when we have the content too late to be translated for the first time
  • first release on both mozilla.com/mozilla.eu with an automatic switch already on production, we had an extra 40mn wait on mozilla.eu because the automatic updates had been turned off by IT, was fixed by mrz
  • spent a day in Madrid for the press tour