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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 9am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

Attendees: chofmann, pascalc, kadir, axel, milos, stas

Verbatim: more pokes to legal

Goals: We shipped, the primary goal was hit. Misses are carry-over for next quarter.

Post-Mortem: Gather data (engagement/metrics) and feedback (from localizers)

Major update: figure out timing and technology.



  • loads of rapid release discussions
  • said good-bye to seth
  • travel
  • investigated tree mess, needs a data2 patch
    • started hacking on generic relation for date-dependent data
  • mobile to merge into mozilla-central

talking points: post-sethb, release post-mortem, rapid release


  • launched mobile versions of Twitter Party, Facebook Badges and Web O'Wonder
    • there were small string updates last week that I had to handle and communicate about
  • launched Spark in 9 locales
    • which is quite a feat, given that we're talking almost 4,000 words here (800 strings)
  • l10n planning for the upgrade campaign with jfinette and williamr (need to talk about it with pascalc
  • todoapp: fixed 4 issues, 3 more to go for 0.8 (should this be called 0.1? 1.0? :) )
  • I'll be on PTO next week, skiing. you guys have fun in MV (and not only there)!
  • stuff I want to do before Friday:
    • l10n review of webifyme
    • l10n review of markup
    • review of pushes2
    • compile a list of things I'd like to have you talk about with various people on my behalf :)



  • Firefox 4 mobile released, we launched Firefox Mobile with a full download page for 16 locales and a mobile-friendly download page for 42 locales, both in a new design created one week before the release. Android market place description for all locales, press releases in 6 languages issued on mozilla.eu
  • a lot of post Desktop release clean up, typos, visual bugs and redirect bug fixes with older pages
  • on mozilla.com stage and production are now strictly identical, very few differences with trunk as well (the aim is to help jlongster with merges to production to make faster releases)
  • Changed older whatsnew pages upgrade proposal for locales to propose 4.0 to Linux/Windows users and 3.6 to Mac users until the 10.4/PPC management is sorted out
  • Started cleaning up repos, we have a lot of content, conditional code, redirects on top of redirects (ex: beta->rc->RC->final download page) and obsolete pages created in the last 9 months for betas that need to go away otherwise it will be a mess in 6 months from now :)


  • New wiki skin is going to be pushed soon, probably tonight or tomorrow
    • Fixed whatever I could from the feedback I got
    • Wiki skin now on SVN, making everything easier
    • wikimo component created in Websites
  • Mozilla.org
    • Moving on with dev work, porting current pages to mozilla.com backend
    • As per talk with David Boswell, we'll need to find out who's gonna supervise the Big Merge

  • Mozilla-europe.org
    • New contributors page - getting short bios and pictures of our star contributors
    • Helping Pascal with styling mozilla-europe pages
  • Interview for a Mobile Launch yesterday


  • For the first time, we launched a new Firefox version with docs ready in almost all major languages (exception: Russian, Japanese)
  • Mobile KB sprint is on today.

Talking point:

  • License on verbatim