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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 9am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

- email Q1 goals status to chofmann by Friday EOD



  • all-hands and platform work week
  • aurora setup
  • one-on-one's and team meetings


  • catching up after vacation,
  • planned an elmo work week in Berlin, April 26-28


  • L20n security planning with security team
  • J20n format finalized with JS team
  • spark 1.1 l10n
  • review for webifyme, markup
  • i18n-check for django apps
  • working with legal on some actions in europe
  • perf metrics per locale with taras
  • L20n Gecko bindings updated to m-c
  • 4.0.1 signoffs with pike
  • platform team work week & mozilla work week
  • team restruct. planning with pike/chofmann


  • Helped updating product-details library so as that we wan generate download buttons for aurora that work and that work for localized buids as well
  • Started working on implementing basic country level geolocation on mozilla.com based on our past work on mozilla-europe.org
  • Kept working on cleaning up the repo of older beta/RC work to avoid future maintenance and not interfere with the next beta cycle, should be finished next week
  • Set up the online subscription form for the Paris Party tomorrow
  • Will be in Madrid tomorrow and Friday for the Madrid release party and press
  • Worked with Gregory Jost (European marketing) on a future A/B testing on one European download page which with a more local content, should be French for this test
  • Worked with Gregory Jost and Jane Finette on determining the needs for the Direct/Indirect upgrade campaigns with pages on mozilla.com
  • Working on April Google snippets with Delphine
  • Just started looking at the work needed for a new generic Whatsnew page for Firefox 4.0.1 and Firefox 5
  • Was in the US for all-hands and took a day off for family matters, so short week


  • Mozilla All hands working week, met with marketing team to discuss download pages and future stuff related to l10n - Jane
  • New wiki template done - waiting for the secreview: preview @ http://wikimo.dyndns.org/ReMo
  • Had a conversation during all hands with James Long, Pascal and David Boswell about the merge
  • Talked to Axel and Gandalf about p12n and how will we continue doing stuff during RRC
  • Still working on partial mozilla.com <=> mozilla.org merge
    • Moved about pages
    • About to start filing bugs
  • Helped Pascal a bit with cleaning up the mozilla.com repo
  • Organizing firefox 4 party with Mozilla Serbia