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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: 9am PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back channel

Meeting Notes

  • new locales/documentation
    • rapid release cycle chance to redo/rethink process. clear expectations?
    • focus need to be fx5 for existing locales right now
  • bi-weekly "join mozilla" newsletter
    • does it fit our way of l10n?
    • reoccuring item of work
    • chelsea, stas, chofmann to bring up a plan




  • aviary.pl meetup in Warsaw over the weekend
  • facebook badges and twitter party post mortems
  • 'intro to l10n' call with Grace, Williamr and Austin re Webify Me
  • discussed lsv and how it should work on the new release process with Milos

talking points: create new localization docs; 'Join Mozilla' bi-weekly newsletter


  • Fx L10n Central/Aurora merges
  • Fx Special - Spark 1.1 and 1.2 releases, WebifyMe and Markup l10n review support for stas
  • Goals discussions
  • L20n->JS compiler updates
  • Co-organizing Aviary.pl community meeting in Warsaw
  • Flying MtV->WAW
  • Two interviews (TVN24 and vBeta.pl)
  • Contractor bureaucracy


  • was two days in Spain for the Madird Firefox party + press
  • channel page for Aurora almost finished (fr and es-AR versions done as part of beta testing the page)
  • fixed a regression in product-details for Asturia caused by the new Aurora channel
  • mozilla.com cleaned up of beta/RC pages
  • April Google snippets for all locales promoting mobile marketing campaign done and given to Google
  • Working with Marketing on A/B testing for download pages
  • Worked with Milos on listing all upcoming projects for mozilla.com


  • had a call with Stas discussing future work on lsv/p12n
  • had a call with Pascal to talk about WebL10n part, big issues and urgent stuff
  • wikimo skin pushed to prod - people started filing bugs, giving feedback...
  • my proposal to take the wiki, take care of it and such, denied
  • created php script to file bugs for each locale, all at once
    • web interface will be done today > screenshot
    • script tested on landfill.b.o and b.m.o
  • community work in progress
    • helping out with deciding on fonts for Serbian/Macedonian
  • p12n - working on my first bugs: Czech and Japanese
  • co-organizing belated Firefox party in Serbia
  • Work on aurora-sr almost done - I will push my changes tonight