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Let's make the l10n documentation better by updating, cleaning and categorizing the content available on the wikis and blogs


  1. Create the complete inventory of our documentation:
    draft: Monday, July 13, final: Monday, August 3
    1. chart all available resources on a single graph
    2. decide which documents need updating, which are obsolete and which are up-to-date
    3. indicate where each resource is currently located (wikimo, mdc, someone's blog, etc)
  2. Define our target audiences for documentation and their needs:
    August 3-7, Berlin
    1. developers - ?
    2. localizers - ?
    3. potential new contributors - ?
    4. l10n drivers - ?
    5. etc.
  3. Categorize:
    August 3-7, Berlin
    1. using the output from point 2, categorize existing documents into target-specific groups
    2. identify missing documents (create stubs)
    3. review existing documents with their target in mind
    4. decide where each document should live (wikimo, mdc?)
    5. move existing documents to the platform they belong to (wikimo, mdc, ...)
    6. make use of wiki's categories, tags and hierarchies to organize content
  4. Update/create content
    1. create missing documents as identified in step 3
    2. update existing documents as decided in step 3
  5. Create the home page
    1. provide useful starting points for all (or most of) target groups
  6. Create guidelines for maintaining and updating the documentation
    1. naming conventions
    2. should each document have an owner?
    3. what should we document, where and how?

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