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While L10n:Firefox in 2016 has been written with a focus on developers, let's rephrase this for Localizers.

We'll be talking about Firefox Desktop and Firefox for Android here. Thunderbird/Lightning and SeaMonkey would need to follow this, too. Other applications (iOS, for example) and websites are not affected.

This plan is based on various conversations that we had with you on our Hackathons in 2015, as well as conversations with the Firefox/Technical Architecture Group and a session in mozlando with stakeholders from Firefox, Build, Release.

What we do

The idea is to create one repository (per localization) for you to work on Firefox, and to use that to localize all of Aurora (aka Developer Edition), Beta, Release, and ESR.

We will do that by keeping the strings that are only used in Beta and beyond around in the mozilla-aurora main Firefox repository.

We will also have these strings in mozilla-central, so we can use the same repository to localize Nightly as well.

The tools you use to localize these won't change, i.e., the strings will show up on pontoon and pootle, and you can continue to localize with your own tools directly on mercurial.

and we will get

  • With a single location for all Firefox strings, fixing strings will become much easier. And they'll be in end-users hands much quicker.
  • We'll also be in a situation where breaks of string-freeze will become less impactful. If they're on aurora, we'll have the additional time on beta to fix them. If they're on beta, we might already have the string, if it's an uplift.

Axel's also hoping that we can expose strings on Nightly soon after they get done. We might given them a week to stabilize, but then we can offer strings for the upcoming aurora cycle. That would be great for a few reasons:

  • You can work when you have time. No waiting for 6 weeks until we give you the next batch.
  • You don't need to delay work in case new volunteers show up. There's going to be something new to localize the next day.

and not change

We intend to keep the sign-off process. We like the idea of doing language testing in pre-release builds and technical tests in parallel. Details here might vary, but Axel expects that there's going to be one revision for each locale and application that's deemed good to ship. You sign-off for Firefox and German, and that's it. That's in contrast to signing off on each version independently right now.

I've got questions...

Feel free to ask questions by adding them to the L10n:Firefox in 2016/FAQ.