L10n:Goals/2010Q3/RelEng Nightly Load Reduction

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Plan to establish more reduced set of Localizer builds

  • 2 Branches
    • "stable" l10n nightly users, on existing released branches
    • "adventurous" l10n nightly users, on tip of mozilla-central, as well as anyone on mozilla-2.0 before the release of FF4.0.
  • Specify who needs nightlies
    • Provide list to RelEng
    • Show the impact (of extra load on shared infrastructure of generating 80 locales+updates per 6 OS per branch)
  • Who is on "old" nightlies (Fx 3.5) and why?
    • Migrate with assumption that they are stuck
    • Assess Impact
      • Which l10n people are stuck on what versions? any reason to not move people from old nightlies to new nightlies?)
  • enable Mozilla-20 branch
    • How to migrate other stable users? (to most recent stable release (i.e. FF3.5.x -> ff3.6.x)

RelEng Plan to Implement

  1. Generate custom updates to move mozilla-191 nightly l10n users up to mozilla-192 nightlies, and then stop generating mozilla-191 nightly builds and updates
  2. Generate custom updates to move mozilla-central nightly l10n users up to mozilla-20 nightlies, then stop generating mozilla-central l10n nightly builds and updates.
  3. Once Firefox4.0 ships, update the existing mozilla-192 l10n nightly users to mozilla-2.0
  4. Once Firefox4.0 ships, update the existing mozilla-20 l10n nightly users to mozilla-central.