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Goals Q3 2010

Description Leader Goal ETA Status
Localize key projects, including Firefox 4 with and its new beta-research program Entire Team Localizing stuff September 30 ...just click through. :)
Implementation of Jetpack l10n API Sethb, Gandalf, Dimitris Glezos Working implementation of Jetpack l10n API (web-dev on server side and web-app for localizing strings) August 15, 2010 code completed, implementation on l10n.mozillalabs.com pending (bug 571122)
JS Language Bindings Gandalf Expose l20n to JS code September 30, 2010 Patch ready for review (bug 595816 and bug 595815)
XBL Language Bindings gandalf Expose l20n to XBL code September 30, 2010 Patch ready for review (bug 595813)
Organize community around mozilla-central and *one* release branch Sethb w/ Joduinn Query localizers to understand their wishes, implement September 30, 2010 To start at Summit
Expose L20n in Jetpack API gandalf Expose l20n to jetpacks in Jetpack 0.* release September 30, 2010 (bug 595821)
Debeta 50% of Firefox locales Staś De-beta 50% of outstanding locales September 30, 2010 Status of "debeta-ing"
To-Do App Staś Launch To-Do App September 30, 2010 Missed. Expected to launch early October.
WebDev L10n New Project Package Pascal and Staś Create a template for launching new webdev projects September 30, 2010 Moved to Q4
L10n Information Architecture Seth Launch new site consolidating disparate pieces of l10n information September 30, 2010 Lee Tom (Mozilla Designer) working on mockups of chowse's I/A for review by l10n drivers and then l10n community
L20n Source File Format Axel File format created and accepted by key tool authors  ?? 1st round of public discussions done, implementation needed
L20n Type Annotation format Axel File format created and accepted by key tool authors Stretch goal In thought

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