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Bugs with workflows!

  • Project Lead: Stas
  • Reviewers: Gandalf, Axel
  • Design advice: Seth


Missed. Expected to launch early October.

Preview: http://todo.dev.stasmade.com/todo ('trackers' branch)

See L10n:Dashboard/Apps/Todo for post-Q3 status updates.


  • Everybody knows what the status of a task is and what and who is next.

Non Goals

Timeline / Milestones

  • 0.4 (August 27)
    • create the main page listing all locales and active projects
      • this will be handled by the homepage app, as per discussions with Axel and Gandalf
  • 0.5 (September 1015)
    • LANDED create the 'single project' view with tasks hierarchy
    • RESCHEDULED add feeds and the feed builder
      • not in beta
    • LANDED be ready for integration with the django-site
      • LANDED create snippet views
      • LANDED write down docs about hooking up the todo up to shipping/webby
  • 0.6 (September 1722)
    • LANDED add the interface for creating new trackers/tasks<del>
    • LANDED <del>easily edit tasks
    • LANDED each step should have an allowed_time, add Pings
    • DELAYED refactor single tracker view to make less queries
    • RESCHEDULED undo
      • (not in beta)
    • RESCHEDULED ajxify task resolving
      • (not in beta)
  • 0.7 (September 24)
    • this release will fix review comments and land the code in django-site
    • DELAYED scheduled time with Pike to do the code review on Wed, Sept 22
      • --> Sept 23
    • APPROACHING enable todo support for shipping (see bug 598302)
  • 1.0 beta (September 27)
    • create prototypes for real-life usage
    • launch beta

These are the bugs of interest:

Bug Owner Status
bug 589785 - Integrate the todo app into the dashboard Stas Tracking bug; waiting on dependencies
bug 589786 - Create abstract models for Projects and Versions in Life Stas Temporary solution implemented
bug 589788 - Land todo app's code in /l10n/django-site Stas Review scheduled for Sept 22
bug 598302 - Enable the todo app for shipping Stas Patch in progress




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