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Wikimedia Sverige

Hantverkargatan 21, Stockholm

23-24 April

Hotel: Hotel Terminus

Vasagatan 20 Stockholm 111 20 Sweden

Phone: +46 08-440 16 70

AirBNB1: https://es.airbnb.com/rooms/2856241


  • Jørgen
  • Håvar
  • Lasse
  • Jakob
  • Ville

AirBNB2: https://es.airbnb.com/rooms/4327219


  • Jeff
  • Kristján
  • Jim
Arriving at lodging

There are two ways to get from Arlanda to the center of Stockholm: Arlanda Express or Flygbussarna. Arlanda Express will get you between Central Station and the Arlanda airport in 20 minutes. You can purchase tickets for the Arlanda Express from kiosks in Arrivals (follow the signs). The Flygbussarna website will have details about where to get tickets and where pick-up is outside of the airport.

Keep your receipts and Luna will be able to reimburse you when you get to the event. From Central Station, all lodging locations are within about a 15 minute walk.

Location maps
Click here for event map.
Telegram group



  • Fixing our bugs in Bugzilla (Seamonkey and ChatZilla).
  • Finish the cycle's Firefox and Mozilla product localizations.
  • Start translating the SUMO sites for Firefox iOS so its looks better with the first launch website in Swedish instead of English and other related pages on SUMO
  • Identify or create language resources for Swedish (style guide, glossary, etc.).
  • Decide/discuss who's working on what within the team

  • Check for consistency with the new tool on Transvision ($-d is done)
  • Discuss plans to recruit new localizers
  • Follow up on our FB page

Norwegian (Nnynorsk & Bokmal)
  • Identify or create language resources for Norwegian (style guide, glossary, etc.).
  • Localize any outstanding strings in Firefox, Fennec, mozilla.org, Thunderbird, Lightning.
  • Resolve all outstanding bugs for each locale.

  • Localize any outstanding strings in Firefox & Fennec.
  • Learn about each Nordic team's localization workflow and discuss how to document it and make any suggested improvements within our own workflow.
  • Discuss the state of SUMO in Icelandic.
  • Train Jim on the full l10n process for product & web localization.
  • Identify or create language resources for Swedish (style guide, glossary, etc.).

  • Complete training for new Finnish localizers to take over for Ville.
  • Update mozilla.org localizations (492 strings).
  • Identify or create language resources for Finnish (style guide, glossary, etc.).


Saturday 23 April

Morning - 930AM
  • Welcome & spectrograms -- Jeff & Flod
  • Mozilla mission and org updates applied to your locales -- Jeff & Flod
    • L10n updates from Mozlando
    • Discussion about translation quality & locale-specific language resources.
Lunch -- Kungsholmens Pizzeria
  • Breakouts
    • Individual trainings for Finnish & Icelandic localizers.
    • Discussion about who's doing what in Swedish l10n.
    • Identifying or creating language resources for each locale.
    • Creating the wholistic Nordic l10n process picture.
    • Catching up on outstanding translation/testing work according to each team's goals.
Dinner -- 19.00 (sharp! ;) Vapiano

Sunday 24 April

Morning -- 930AM
  • Welcome!
  • Breakouts
    • Resolving outstanding bugs.
    • Recruitment discussions for Nordic localization communities in need of more localizers.
    • Testing Firefox for iOS localizations on a device.
    • Wrap up oustanding translation/testing work.
Lunch -- Kungsholmens Pizzeria
  • Wrap up oustanding translation/testing work.
  • Update team wiki pages
  • Take l10n hackathon survey.
  • Begin plans for next l10n meetup.
  • Group pictures.
  • Kubb Tournament
Dinner -- 1800 Wokhouse


  • Hashtag for event: #mozl10nnordic