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CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technická 2, 166 27 PRAGUE, Czech Republic

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/PmrMiwSjWVT2

30 April - 1 May
Weather forecast
2 °C (34 F) morning, 15 °C (59 F) day
(29 April - 2 May)
  • AirBnb
    • Address: Glinkova 1655/6, Dejvice-Prague 6, 160 00
    • Phone: Host Lucie @ +420 604 335 165; +420 224 318 196

Peiying made bookings for 3 units that will accommodate all 6 community members arriving in Prague. This is one big house with backyard, a pool, a covered parking spot and more. Bookings are under Peiying's name but she has provided the guest list to the owner Lucie as well as guests' preference of sharing and no sharing. Breakfast is included for all 3 days. Wifi and TV are available. The house is the 3rd one after you pass the tennis court. Lucie will be waiting for you and will give out one key to one room.

Matjaz and Peiying will stay at this hotel, walking distance from both the AirBnb and the venue.

Arriving at lodging

For information how to get tickets for public transportation, please see below. From the airport you will need the 90 minutes ticket for 32 CZK, for others 30 minutes for 24 CZK should be just enough.

  • From the Airport: http://tinyurl.com/jrxrpl6. Walk to terminal one and hop on shuttle No. 119 (you should see a yellow ticket machine on the station, check below about tickets; the bus will look like http://bit.ly/1RZ2dEi). Get off at Nádraží Veleslavín and make connection with tram No. 5 (direction Ústřední dílny DP) or 26 (direction Nádraží Hostivař) and get off at Thákurova. Walk for 300m to find the AirBnb.
  • From the Central Train station: http://bit.ly/1TK6DUm. Once you get off the train, find stairs or escalator down to the underground corridor. Got straight ahead. Once you are in the station building, keep the direction and you will see a glazed wall with gates out. Now you have two options:
    • Leave station building and go right through the park until you see a tram station. Buy a ticket here (see below) and take tram No. 5 or 26 (direction Divoká Šárka). Get off at Thákurova. Walk for 300m to find the AirBnb.
    • Right before you would leave the building, there is an entrance to the underground (red line "C"). Take a ticket here (see below) and get into a train direction Háje. Get off at Muzeum for a change to the second line (green line "A") in direction Nemocnice Motol. Get off at Dejvická and walk 700 m to the AirBnB, or take a tram No. 5 or 26 to the Thákurova station.
  • From the Long Distance bus station hub Florenc: Directly before the station building, you'll see an entrance to the underground (red line "C"). Buy a ticket here (see below), take one station to Hlavní nádraží (Central Train station) and
    • get off the train and follow the first option described above.
    • OR stay in the train, get off on the next station Muzeum and follow the second option described above.
  • Our Airbnb host service: We can help with your safe transport by limousine with a good price. From Airport or TrainStations - 400,- CZK (16,-EURO). This can be good if we have a few people to share the ride.
From AirBnB to the venue

You can comfortably get to the venue by foot in about 15 minutes (1 km). http://bit.ly/1SXJ6wL

Transportation while in Prague
  • Public transportation (schema) can take you across Prague quite quickly during day or night. All means (underground, tram, bus) are in one zone. Please check the fares in advance, you can consider buying 24/72-hour pass. The tickets are available in yellow ticket machines. You should find one in each underground entrance, on the which are sometimes quite complicated, so few advices:
    • the machines accept mostly only CZK coins
    • buy the city zone tickets only (zone P mentioned in the fares link), other zones are outside of Prague and not for you
    • sometimes it's easier to buy a ticket in a newspaper stand, but they probably won't have 1-day or 3-day passes
    • once you get in the first vehicle, do not forget to mark your ticket in a small yellow machine (for underground before entering the platform). No need to mark the ticket again when you change.

If you are looking fore more info, feel free to reach out to Michal (e-mail preferred as most reliable mstanke@mozilla.cz).


Please keep all your receipts for transportation. If you are living in the Czech Republic, Peiying will reimburse you in person with cash or make PayPal transfer. If you are visiting the country, send the receipts to Peiying after you have completed all your travels. She will reimburse you through PayPal. Do let Peiying know if you do *not* have a PayPal account.


Upper/Lower Sorbian
  • Exchange experience with other localizers.
  • I'd like to learn about the work of the l10n drivers.
  • Get some tips for l10n PR activities I can do to inform about the localization work for Sorbian languages.
  • Testing both Firefox for Android and Firefox for iOS on devices.

In plenary we would like to talk (get advices, feedback, options or raise even more question) about these topics:

  • L10N QA testing
  • resources for newcomers training (knowledge preserving and transmission)
  • DevTools in Firefox
  • relationship between l10n, user support, local promotion and other activities

for individual team goals see https://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Meetings/2016_Prague_hackathon:cs

  • Exchange experience with other localizers.
  • Discover what else can be done for the local community, how Mozilla can help and vice versa.
  • Discuss advices how to attract more Slovak localizers, train them and open up the necessary knowledge for them.
  • Perform a dashboard review to triage all bugs and make sure that all projects are green and signed off.
  • Exchange experience with other localizers.
  • Test Firefox for Android on devices.
  • L10N QA testing.
  • Discuss l10n of DevTools in Firefox.
  • Have discussion how to attract more Russian localizers.


Friday 29 April

Dinner -- 19.30 (7.30 pm local time)

Saturday 30 April

Morning - 930AM
  • Welcome & spectrograms -- Matjaz & Peiying
  • Mozilla mission and org updates applied to your locales -- Matjaz & Peiying
    • L10n updates from Mozlando
    • Localization quality discussion
  • L10n updates from each community (10 minutes each)
    • Active projects
    • Translation workflow
    • Successes
    • Challenges
Lunch -- http://www.utopolu.cz/ (no reservation, but should have free table for 9)
  • Breakout
    • Review Style Guide template
    • Create locale specific glossaries & style guides for translation quality.
    • Reconcile different key terms between products
    • Product name localization
  • Review of outcome from breakout sessions
Dinner -- 19.00 (7 pm local time)

Sunday 1 May

Morning -- 930AM
  • Exchange experience with other localizers.
  • Group pictures.
Lunch -- 12.30

map: http://www.grosseto.cz/en/dejvice/contact

Dinner -- ~19.00

link: http://shop.vytopna.cz/pages/vaclavak


  • Hashtag for event: #mozl10nprague