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Paris, France. At the Mozilla Paris office, in room "Salles des fêtes" (2nd floor). 16bis Boulevard Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France
Accessing the Mozilla Paris office

Note that the hotels are both super close to the office, so you can walk there :)

  • https://wiki.mozilla.org/Paris has some general information - please pay particular attention to the notes on the wiki about how to open doors to exit the office
  • On both Saturday and Sunday we will have someone who will coordinate letting you in to the office entrance.

Google maps: http://bit.ly/1KgeiVi

6-7 May
Arriving at lodging
  • Getting to and from the airports:
    • Airport CDG-Roissy: Take the Roissy Bus which brings you to the Opéra station (ticket one way is 11,50 €, you can buy it in cash from the driver, or with cards at ticket machines near the bus stop). Opéra is very near the office, and it's the only stop the bus makes so you can't miss it. You then have the choice to walk to your hotel or take a metro that will bring you really near.
    • Orly Airport: Take the OrlyVal train. When you've arrived at Orly Airport, you can take the OrlyVal train from either Orly South Terminal (Orly Sud) or Orly West terminal (Orly Ouest) towards Antony station. The access to Orlyval is inside the terminal (follow the overhead signs), you don't need to go outside where the buses are. Tickets are sold at counter and machines right before entering. You won't need the ticket to enter the Orlyval, but you will need it to access the train station at Antony (always keep the ticket with you, you might need it to change train or exit some of the stations).

At Antony transfer to RER B train that goes to Paris, in direction of Châtelet les Halles. At the Châtelet-les-Halles stop, take RER A to Opéra. From Opéra station either walk to your hotel (short 10min walk) - or take the metro 8 from Opéra to Grands Boulevard, which will bring you really near your hotel entrance.

Map of metro and RER

It's pretty straight-forward and there are lot's of signs inside the stations that help you get around: http://www.ratp.fr/informer/pdf/orienter/f_plan.php (printing it out would be a good idea so you can consult it anywhere)

I recommend you start getting familiar with this map before you leave, as well as read up on how to get from point A to point B before you come. There is a lot more information online in different languages if needed.

Also, consider downloading an offline version of maps of the area, so you can refer to that at any point during your stay.

Please note that there is free wifi at airports. Not sure about train stations. Also, there is free wifi in all McDonalds and Starbucks if you really need it.

Reimbursement policy

We are able to reimburse for the following expenses:

  • transportation between CDG airport and hotel in Paris,
  • visa fees

Please keep your receipts and deliver them to the l10n-drivers present during the hackathon. We'll be able to reimburse in either local currency or via PayPal.

Any additional expenses once in Paris are yours to cover (e.g., hotel room service, hotel laundry service, souvenirs, transportation around the city, sight-seeing, etc.).

Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines



  • Make term translation consistent among all the Mozilla products
  • Update Thunderbird translations
  • Hunspell kk dictionary
  • Recruiting new contributors


  • Discuss about kab translation quality: Explore other ways (involve University language departments,... )
  • Improve communication, plan actions to recruit more Firefox kab users, firefox tech contributors among kab community..
  • AMO kab localization
  • MDN Kab localization


  • Update the style guide
  • Complete translating the Test Pilot Website
  • Review/update Thunderbird translations
  • Discuss implementing a Hunspell dictionary
  • Discuss what to do with SUMO


Report and Goals


  • Recruitment and development plan made
  • Holding an open session about recruiting new localizers for our local
  • Wolof unofficial page  where describe all projects.
  • Start building an unofficial wolof translation guidelines.
  • Having a Nightly Wolof version


  • Localization in school settings: e.g. which tools might help translators using French to localize in their native languages?
  • Designing a concise mono- or bilingual practical style guide for local contributors
  • Increasing user base for localized versions (rural and provincial settings)
  • Learning from regional localization networks that (seem to) work (so far)


  • Updating the style guides
  • Get acquainted about new tools.
  • Keeping the unified UI style across all RTL locales.
  • Discussion about the things we can do to help in RTL development.
  • Improving and maintaining quality of localization.
  • Evangelizing the locale products(Discussions about, What things we can do to let more & more people know about it.)
  • Recruiting new contributors.


  • Update Thunderbird translations
  • Hunspell uz dictionary
  • Translation Mozilla web site.
  • Recruiting new contributors


  • Reviewing projects that still not completely localized in Arabic and setting priorities.
  • Discussing controversial translations and the possibility of having a written style guide.
  • Reviving the discussion around branding and localization and finding possibilities to improve the status quo.
  • Discussing outstanding RTL issues and the ways the community can help.
  • Enquire about the current status and plans for l20n.
  • Discuss possible improvements to Pontoon that helps Arabic translators.


  • Complete mozilla.org tanslation on Pootle (essential/must have pages)
  • Harmonizing translations and improving consistency.
  • Updating terminology on Pootle based on better term accuracy.
  • Seek help and assistance to start creating a Hunspell dictionary
  • Writing an outline of a style guide for Fulah, which will serve as a basis to write a full style guide
  • Recruit new translators
  • Connect with African teams to discuss common goals, issues


  • Create a style guide.
  • Discuss about Pontoon, project request and priority for localization.
  • Improvement of translation quality.
  • Complete the translation of Firefox for Android.
  • Review existing translation suggestions.
  • Discuss how to recruit new translators and strengthen the community.
  • Translate missing strings in Firefox, Mozilla.org, Firefox Health Report and Terminology.


  • Github organization for Mozilla Azerbaijan (website, terminology, addons)
  • Publishing first version of Hunspell spell checker
  • Enhance current terminology list
  • Plan new version of community website
  • Community Blog posts about Focus
  • Discuss current social media accounts and share access between team members
  • Complete translation of mozilla.org web pages.
  • Plan Azerdict updates.

Live at: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/mozillaz


IMPORTANT: Please note that, unless specific approval beforehand, you are expected to attend all the sessions and be present at the workshop all day.

Concerning food: we will cover the cost of catering and the dinners at the restaurants listed below. If you should choose not to join us for meals, please note we do not cover that.

Friday dinner (let delphine know if you can't make it)

Let's meet 20min before - so at 19.40 - in front of the Mozilla office to walk to the restaurant. Please don't be late for the restaurant.

Kaitleen at 20h00 https://www.thefork.com/restaurant/kaitleen/205581

40 euros maximum per person for this restaurant. Alcohol will not be covered by Mozilla.

Note that for all dinners, you'll have the choice to walk with the group from the office or meet us there directly. If you decide not to attend a dinner and go eat on your own, that will unfortunately be at your own expense and will not be reimbursed.


(breakfast is served at your hotel)

Morning 9.30am start
  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Mozilla org & l10n updates (Part 1)
    • Dawn and cross-channel Updates (Axel/Marcia)
    • Nightly community (Pascal)
15min break
  • Mozilla org & l10n updates (Part 2)
    • MoFo l10n updates (Théo)
    • Pontoon/quality demo (Flod)
Lunch 12.30

Catered at office

  • Community Launch Toolkit (Peiying)
  • Q&A: ask us anything! (all drivers present)
15 min tea break
  • Community goals
Stop 17.00
Dinner 20.30

Catered at Mozilla Paris office

Note that for all dinners, you'll have the choice to walk with the group from the office or meet us there directly. If you decide not to attend a dinner and go eat on your own, that will unfortunately be at your own expense and will not be reimbursed.


(breakfast is served at your hotel)

Morning 9.30am start
  • Welcome!
  • Community feedback on Photon designs
  • Q&A
  • Localizer presentations
Lunch 12.30

Catered at office

  • Localizer presentations / community updates:
    • A few teams will talk about RTL and Unicode
    • Localizer presentations: Fulah and Songhay teams will present Unicode and UTF8 from their community's perspective
  • Work on community goals
15 min tea break
Dinner 19.00

Chez Sofia (Lebanese restaurant) at 19h00 https://www.yelp.com/biz/chez-sofia-paris-2 (please remember, it's election night. Don't wander off too much past 20h00)

40 euros maximum per person for this restaurant. This restaurant does not serve alcohol.

Note that for all dinners, you'll have the choice to walk with the group from the office or meet us there directly. If you decide not to attend a dinner and go eat on your own, that will unfortunately be at your own expense and will not be reimbursed.

Emergency Contact Information

  • Delphine: +1 650 390 7754. Available also on Telegram and Email during the entire event
  • Marcia: Available on Telegram (@mozillamarcia) and Email (marcia@mozilla.com) during the entire event
  • Théo: +33 6 77 31 45 99 - Available also on Telegram (@t_chevalier) and Email (theo@mozillafoundation.org) during the entire event
  • Flod: +39 333 14 04 385 - Available also on Telegram (@flodolo) and Email (flodolo@mozilla.com) during the entire event


  • During the course of event we will be posting pictures to the Mozilla Instagram account so we can share what we are doing with the entire Mozilla community
  • If you do not wish to be photographed, please let one of the organizers know. Thanks!

Sight-seeing Ideas

Given the number of participants present, we will suggest a few ideas for sight-seeing that you can do *after* the workshop hours on your own (9.30am-5pm). Sight-seeing is not subject to reimbursement.

This is the capital city of France. As in every big city worldwide, beware of pickpockets ;)

Please note that there are presidential elections on Sunday evening happening in France. We want you to know there will be both protests and celebrations starting at 20:00, although not near the office (they usually happen at République). If Emmanuel Macron wins, celebration will happen at the Louvre. Please be aware if you are going to do sight-seeing that evening.

  • Sacré-Cœur, Montmarte: it's in walking distance from the hotel/office (about 2km, 30 minutes), relatively easy (but take a map on your phone), prepare for quite a few stairs at the end. You can stop at Pigalle on the way, once up the hill you can enter Sacré-Cœur (open until 10:30 PM) or take a look at the small streets of Montmartre right behind it.
    • Please note that although it's quite safe, Pigalle is a "particular" kind of neighborhood and may shock or make uncomfortable certain people. Please read up on it to make an informed decision ;) Also, you can easily go to the Sacré-Cœur avoiding Pigalle neighborhood (which is what these routes should suggest)
  • Something that's free and near the office \o/ Walk to the Galleries Lafayette (https://goo.gl/maps/1gsX7Zy6ivm), take the elevator or the stairs. Go the highest you can to the café on top (it's on the 7th floor). Look at the vue. Be amazed. Repeat. (also there should be good ice-cream up there ;) )
  • Tour Eiffel: http://www.toureiffel.paris/en/
  • Père Lachaise cemetery: http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-museum-monument/71470/Cimetiere-du-Pere-Lachaise
  • Notre Dame: http://www.notredamedeparis.fr/en/
  • Le Marais neighborhood: http://www.aparisguide.com/lemarais/
  • Centre Georges Pompidou: https://www.centrepompidou.fr/en
    • If you ride the escalators to the top, some wonderful views of the city. Also a great museum!
  • Also, walk around the office area. It's beautiful! Walk back to the Opéra and check it out: https://www.operadeparis.fr/en


  • Hashtag for event: #mozl10nParis
  • Sim cards: You can find good options for SIM cards at your airport. Otherwise, ask your hotel concierge (speaks English) and he will show you the closest one. There are tons of shops selling good sim card options around the office, often called "Tabac" or "Bar Tabac" (tobacco shops). There is one right across the street from the Mozilla office.
  • Exchange foreign currencies: Your easiest option will be doing that at your airport arrival. Available in every airport.
  • Remember to look at the differences between electrical standards like power plugs, sockets and voltage between your country and France. If you forget anything don't worry, hotels usually carry spare adapters for guests
  • Remember to bring your laptop with you. You will need it for the workshop. Otherwise, let us know!