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So you would like to learn more about the Mozilla L10n team? You've come to the right place! Click on the links below to learn about each team member, the weekly meetings, and the projects they're working on.

Team bios

Mozilla Corporation

Staś Małolepszy 
Fluent release driver, including feature design, specification, and software engineering for Fluent.
Jeff Beatty 
Head of localization. Talk to me about l10n technical and community strategy, cross-cultural design, and management.
Matjaž Horvat 
Pontoon owner.
Delphine Lebédel 
L10n-driver for mobile products (Android and iOS). Community builder & enabler.
Peiying Mo 
L10n driver for web projects: Mozilla.org, marketing, legal localization; vendor management; community builder.
Francesco Lodolo (:flod) 
L10n driver for Firefox desktop localization and Test Pilot. Owner for webdashboards and AppStores webapp, peer and technical support for mozilla.org and mobile, product l10n early review in mozilla-central.

Mozilla Foundation

Théo Chevalier 
L10n driver for Mozilla Foundation projects, Advocacy & fundraising in particular.

Current projects


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