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Meeting Details

  • Time and location: Monday, 8 AM PST, conf bridge 206
  • irc.mozilla.org #l10n-drivers for back-channel

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Previous Action Items


Meeting Notes

  • Notetaker:
  • Attendees:
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Action Items





  • design discussions around the time-based mapping between tree and appversion with peterbe
  • prepared code migration for aurora 8, beta 7, in particular temporary view to shuffle milestones
    • thanks to stas for doing the actual repo mechanics
    • helped with merge warroom. yes, beta first, then aurora. also reviewed a ton of changesets
  • talked jurk through his first commit/push


  • get master-ball and slave-ball up and running, so that setting up l10n-master and slaves is a piece of cake
    • carry-over
  • aurora-to-beta migration (Tuesday)
    • done

This week:

  • finish up tree-appversion patch. just found more food for thought today around signoff-details and outreach
  • master-ball


I'm driving to the SF office this morning; I'll be calling in from the car.

done last week:

  • final push for webifyme, took a good deal of Monday and half of Tuesday to do
  • brainstorm with Aakash and Gandalf about l10n contributor tools
  • Mozillians workday on Wednesday, sessions about tagging and feature prioritization; demonstraded use cases for tags wrt l10n.
  • brainstorm with Ragavan and Gandalf abou webapps 1l0n
  • tons of phone interviews

to do this week:

  • debrief with Michelle re candidates
  • copy notes from the webapps l10n brainstorm to the wiki
  • webifyme post mortem; there will be a dedicated meeting on Thursday for this; I also intend to email the localizers with some early result metrics
  • world-ready: prepare the welcome email and send it
  • elmo: check out my review queue (at least bug 650816)

maybe this week:

  • (?) l20n: brainstorm content localization with Gandalf while we're both in MV

goal for the week: kick off the world ready list


  • brainstorm with Aakash and Stas on l10n community tools
  • attended EcmaScript TC39 I18n work group meeting
  • initial brainstorm with Ragavan and Stas on webapps l10n/i18n framework and ecosystem
  • phone interviews
  • contributor survey with Aakash
  • lots of early planning for MoEu Camp storytelling with Chofmann
  • l20n content and toolchain brainstorm with Stas
  • planning for JS i18n API support in Gecko

planned for this week:

  • get another round of reviews for XUL bindings
  • get final go-ahead from JS team on j20n
  • work on basic toolchain for l20n (compare-locales, completeness check, validation etc.)
  • next round of l10n marketshare data analysis tool mockups with Blake
  • get pontoon dev-box
  • get Simon in the loop for JS I18n API
  • fly to Poland


  • worked on Firefox 6 realease
  • worked on fixing a couple of snippets for Google
  • worked on newletters