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Persian (fa) Team

Team & Translation Rules

If you want to help this team in translations, please follow the following basic rules:

Name of the Language

The native name of the language is فارسی /fâr-sii/ (not پارسی /pâr-sii/)

The English name of the language is Persian (not Parsi, not Farsi).

Translation Method

During translation, we face two factors: Apprehensibility & Purity. Apprehensibility means a translation that every Persian speaker will understand it without problem. Purity means a translation that is pure Persian, without the use of Arabic or English words. The importance of these 2 factors are as below:

1. Apprehensibility

2. Purity

So if you find your translation inapprehensible, you're free to use Arabic or English words as few as possible. Download Firefox Aurora (Listed on main page) to see examples.

Keyboard Layout

You probably need to get the Iranian Standard or Enhanced Microsoft Persian keyboard layouts, so you can type Persian characters correctly and easily.

Script Guideline

Academy of Persian Language and Literature is a body presiding over the use of the Persian language in Iran and other Persian speaking countries.

Zero-Width Non-Joiner

Also known as Nim fāseleh, Fāseleh-ye majāzi, Fāseleh-ye sefr, Pseudo-space.

It's wrong to use SPACE in the middle of a word to break the joining. You should use ZWNJ in this cases.

  • You can type this character by pressing:
    • Windows:
      • Iranian Standard Persian: Shift + B or Shift + Space
      • Microsoft Persian: Ctrl + Shift + 2
      • Microsoft Enhanced Persian: Ctrl + Shift + 2 or Shift + Space
      • or hold down Alt and type 0 1 5 7 on numpad, then release Alt
    • Linux: Shift+Space or Shift+B
Correct form with ZWNJ: می‌خواهم
Incorrect (with space): می خواهم 
Incorrect (joined)    : میخواهم
Glossary of Persian Mozilla


English to Persian Dictionary

You can use farsilookup.com for other words that do not exist in the Glossaries.