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Marathi (mr, mr-IN)

Active team members

Name Email Role Hg Access? SVN Access?
Sandeep Sheshrao Shedmake Team Lead, Upstream for Firefox Aurora YES; Level 1 L10n ( YES (
Aniket Deshpande Peer reviewer for Firefox Aurora, Upstream localizer for Firefox Mobile (Fennec) NO YES, (

Localizers in training

Name Email Role Project assignment
Suraj Kawade Reviewer, Localizer Firefox Aurora, Firefox Mobile (Fennec)
Vinit Wankhede
Chandrakant Dhutadmal Reviewer Firefox Mobile (Fennec)

Active projects

Firefox: Dashboard

L10n Tools

  • compare-locale

How to join this l10n team

1. To join Marathi localization follow the steps at Contribute.

2. Get familiar with the Localization Process.

3. Get a lang file from Web Dashboard to work with. File a bug and attach your localized file to it. Make sure you cc yourself and Team leader. OR If there is not any, mail the Team leader in Marathi explaining why do you want to contribute in localization.

4. For consistency in localization, we use FUEL.

Additional info

Registration Info:

Past Toolkit/Browser Owner:

Name Email Role Hg/SVN/CVS Access?
Priti Patil prithisd at gmail dot com Toolkit/Browser Owner YES (; account not active though

Past Contributors/Volunteers:

Some of the Marathi Open Source Members ( Abhijit Mapgaonkar (MOS), Anish Patil (MOS), Gaurav Shah (IITB), Girish Katre, Ivan Desouza (MOS), Manoj Rege (IITB), Parag Iyer (IITB), Prashil Thakur (IITB), Rahul Bhalerao (MOS), Swapnil Hajare (MOS), Vijay Barve (MOS), Gautam Akiwate (CoEP)

Mailing list for Marathi Firefox Localization:

Bugzilla status: irc nick 'sandeeps' on #l10n,