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About University of Dundee: Product Design

Product Design at the University of Dundee make products that work. Products that work in a social way and products that work through digital technology. We think the world can be made so much better by integrating digital technology into our lives in a natural, playful and sustainable way. Find out more

What We Do?

We're a research based programme educating undergraduate, masters and PhD students - and when I say educate... rather, we work with our students to explore their potential as designers in the digital world.

Student Examples

Here's some great examples of concepts in progress:

Research Projects

We research the impact of designing digital products for the digital economy. Here's a couple of projects to give you and idea of what we're doing right now.

Who Are We?

  • Jon Rogers - Course director
  • Pete Thomas - Part time lecturer and part-time director of the design agency Uniform

2011 Students

An insight into the students working on the Mozilla topics