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What is Student Outreach?

It's a Mozilla Labs Concept Series channel to give industry related experience exposure to students at global institutions - via co-created and collaborative Design (UX, UCD, HCI, IxD) courses.

We aim to directly work together to propose and structure a engaging course module that’s relevant to the institutions own goals, interests and timing schedules.

Full support will be provided during the duration of the course including community feedback, guest lectures and mentor appearances throughout the project. Please get in touch:
<Desigan Chinniah - cyberdees(at)mozilla(dot)com

Types of Courses

Various globally located institutions are already collaborating with us. Some of the course types presently offered include:

  1. User Centered Design (UCD)
  2. Participatory Design
  3. User Testing/Evaluation
  4. Design Jams



2011 Topics

  1. Mobile - Intersection between new user needs and innovative technologies for our online lives
  2. Tablet - Multi-touch interaction, gestural interface design for controlling web activities.
  3. Web Apps - Apps for mobile is a well-known way to interact with the Web; anything bigger than that?
  4. Home Dash - Are people buried among all tabs, pages, histories and notifications? How a browser can help people manage that?
  5. Do It For Me - Make your favorite web activity easy to do, across all websites!
  6. Physical Apps - bring the web to the physical world

2010 Topics

  1. Designing for Social - How do online social networks affect people’s personal and professional lives? What problems, both known and unknown, do people have with current ways of online social networking? What opportunities exist for us to make things better?


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