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These are a set of target add-ons that we would like to think about for Jetpack. These add-ons:

  • are useful
  • do not require write access to the file system
  • do not require Places access
  • are simple enough in most cases to be developed and designed by a single developer
  • cover a range of browser integrations that are broadly useful to developers

In general these extensions strike a balance between complexity and utility, hence their consideration for an early version of Jetpack.

Download Statusbar

This add-on modifies the status bar to monitor downloads.

Required features:

  • Status bar integration
  • HTML overlays for mouseovers
  • Access to Download Manager
  • Custom prefs window in Add-on manager
  • First-run experience


This add-on has no visible UI but adds infinite scroll capability to a paginated web page.

Required features:

  • access/modify DOM

Speed Dial

Speed Dial is an add-on that brings up a grid of saved pages (not bookmarks) marked for quick access on a keystroke. There is also a toolbar button that invokes this screen.

Required features:

  • Add toolbar button
  • Add Context Menu option (right click on link to add to quick dial)
  • Custom prefs pane
  • mozStorage
  • Add Menu option to Bookmarks menu to 'Save to Speed Dial'


Forecastfox inserts weather channel data in the status bar.

  • Insert icons and text into status bar
  • Access network resources (poll web service)
  • rich tooltips (images)
  • insert images into toolbar (not clickable)

Morning Coffee

This extension allows the user to set a default set of pages based on rules determined by the day of week.

  • Access current location
  • context menu
  • Load one or more pages on firefox startup


Sage is a sidebar based RSS newsreader. It does have bookmarks integration but I don't believe that it's something that is critical to the add-on.

  • Custom sidebar implementation, something that can probably be implemented without chrome access.
  • Network access
  • mozStorage (store subscriptions)
  • File read access
  • Add 'Sage' as option for subscribing to RSS via awesomebar or subscriptions page


This is a very simple extension that is similar to what a hobbyist might want to create. It shows the current IP of the page being viewed in the status bar and offers a few options like whois, etc.

  • Poll current location
  • Network access (look up IP, whois)
  • Status bar text
  • Status bar context menu toolbar

In addition to being a simple search bar for, this toolbar also allows the user to highlight text and use a context menu to trigger searches.

  • DOM read access
  • Custom toolbar
  • Open a URL (search)