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This list describes work that needs to be done in the Mozilla platform or core Firefox browser codebases in order to accomplish Jetpack project goals.

The driver for a dependency is the person on the Jetpack team responsible for advocating on behalf of its resolution to platform/Firefox team drivers and engineers as well as following up on any questions/issues the teams have about the dependency.

The owner for a dependency is the engineer on the platform/Firefox teams responsible for doing the work.

Summary Rationale Driver Owner References Status
copying from AOB editor It isn't possible to copy text from the AOB editor on Firefox 4 nightly builds. Myk  ? bug 583638 bug 585476 Myk narrowed regression range and advocated on behalf of bug in report. Myk to find owner and get this looked at by platform team.
duplicate key events The widget API toggles the widget bar's visibility on the Accel+Shift+U key shortcut, but trunk Mac OS X builds are dispatching two events for that key combination (and certain others), breaking the shortcut. Myk  ? bug 567605 bug 582052 filed bug, investigating workaround
arrow panel The Panel API uses XUL panels, and it needs them to be able to position themselves automatically in relation to an anchor and then point to that anchor so it is clear to users which part of the browser the panel belongs to. Myk Neil Deakin (enn) bug 554937 depends on bug 558072, which is in review; enn working on related bug 552982 next, after which he'll tackle this
document element created notification APIs that access content frames need to know when the document element is created for a page being loaded so they can evaluate scripts that expect it to be there (like jQuery). Myk Jonas Sicking? bug 579764 Jonas to work on this after Black Hat; Myk to ping Jonas about it first week of August
persistent invisible docshells The Page Worker API (and Panel, which reuses Page Worker) needs to create persistent, invisible docshells to load content pages and access their DOM. Currently, it uses the hidden window, but that's a hack with a variety of issues, not the least of which is that the hidden window is HTML on Windows/Linux, so extra hackiness is required to load content pages in it. Myk?  ? bug 565388 Felipe filed a bug, no response from platform folks yet
exception tracebacks Exceptions raised when calling require don't include much traceback information because modules are executed in separate contexts, so we can't give developers good enough information about exceptions. Atul?  ? bug 551604 bug 551604 is the Jetpack SDK bug about this problem. We don't yet have a platform bug on it.
electrolysis (E10S) In order to run addons in separate processes, we need support for running code in separate processes. Benjamin Smedberg Ben Newman bug 556846 This is actively being worked on, and the E10S team expects to land support in time for the initial beta of Firefox 4 in 2010 June.
unprincipled COWs Currently, chrome object wrappers (COWs) are designed only to expose chrome objects to content, but we'd like to use them to mediate interactions between modules running in a Jetpack addon. For that we need some work on COWS to make them usable, although it's not clear what yet. Brian Warner?  ? bug 563010? not sure if bug 563010 is correct or this is another bug
addon bar Some of the things the Widget API does needs to be part of core Firefox. [Which things and why?] Dietrich Dietrich? bug ?  ?
HTML parser It would be useful to be able to parse HTML into a DOM document object. [Why? Is the Page Worker API sufficient to handle the use cases for this? Or is this a better way to implement the Page Worker API than the hidden window hack that API is currently using?]  ? Robert Sayre bug 102699
flip __exposedProps__ default for non-WN objects to default-safe Atul: "This would be really great for Jetpack's security model, as we really don't want to accidentally leak chrome-privileged objects into less-privileged code."  ? Blake Kaplan? Jonas Sicking? bug 553102
content-document-window-created notification The Page Mods API needs to know when a window object is initially created for a page being loaded so it can load the mod and give it access to the window. Myk Jonas Sicking bug 549539 Landed on trunk and 3.6/1.9.2 branch. Done.