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Resolve the major bugs and additional minor papercuts developers have been experiencing in the existing feature set of the previous preview release.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, July 26 Monday, July 26
Freeze Monday, August 9 Tuesday, August 10 We extended the freeze to take one last fix (the Bespin update).
Push to Staging Tuesday, August 10 Wednesday, August 11
Push to Production Tuesday, August 17


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
update the SDK to 0.6 while continuing to support 0.5 Piotr P1 bug 580812 [MISSED] Implementation idea; no coding yet
update Bespin to latest stable version Piotr P1 bug 577738 [DONE] Landed at the last minute after we decided that the regression in syntax highlighting from an incompatibility with MooTools (bug 585024) is acceptable given the many other fixes we get from this update.
override or warn on sending the user back in page history from delete key press Piotr P1 bug 577735 [MISSED] depends on bespin upgrade; implementation speced out
improve helper addon installation experience Piotr P1 bug 574685 bug 586109 [DONE] [MISSED] Atul landed helper addon improvements, but FD code not yet updated to use them.
save addon name/description changes immediately Piotr P2 bug 573858 bug 577736 bug 583748 [MISSED] two bugs added; not hard to do
make it possible to remove addons and libraries Piotr P2 bug 574888 [DONE] deactivate instead of delete
fix typos, titles, broken links Piotr P2 bug 578161 bug 576762 bug 578400 bug 578430 bug 572069 [DONE]
shorten the Test/Save/Test workflow Piotr P2 bug 579128 [DONE]