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Jetpack SDK is used to create XPI from an Add-on saved in FlightDeck's database. It is under development and future versions might not be backwards compatible. It is desired that Add-ons will work with many SDK versions.

First run (only for existing FlightDeck installations)

Next to updating the code there is a need to modify database and run some installation scripts.

Updating code

The release incorporating these changes is in release-1.a5 branch

git fetch
git checkout release-1.a5

Run installation scripts


The latter will create sdk_versions directory if needed, it will also copy flightdeckenv/src/jetpack-sdk to sdk_versions/jetpack-sdk. If it would be a new installation it will download the SDK in version number 0.6. Please check existance of these by running simply

ls -l sdk_versions/

Database modification

  1. Create jetpack_sdk table, by running the
  2. Create first SDK instance
    INSERT INTO jetpack_sdk VALUES (1,'0.5',1,'jetpack-sdk');
  3. Create jetpack_packagerevision.sdk_id field
    ALTER TABLE jetpack_packagerevision ADD sdk_id INT;
  4. Set existing SDK version as the chosen one for existing Add-ons
    UPDATE jetpack_packagerevision SET sdk_id=1 WHERE package_id IN (SELECT id FROM jetpack_package WHERE type='a');

Add new Jetpack-SDK

Download desired SDK version.

cd sdk_versions

For version 0.7 version do

hg clone -r 0.7 jetpack-SDK-0.7

Add to the FlightDeck system

./scripts/ add_jetpack_core jetpack-SDK-0.7