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NOTE: The information below is likely out-of-date. The Jetpack SDK 0.8 also has a localization module.

We've had some preliminary thoughts on Jetpacks and l10n. Our basic thoughts are:

  • Disassociate translation files from the Jetpack itself. It's important that an author doesn't need to think hard about localization, and that others can then (from the Gallery) localize a Jetpack without the need to coordinate with the original author. (Of course, an original author can specify that they don't want others to localize, but that's not the default.
  • Use gettext for JS code.
  • We need to find a nice way of doing localization in HTML. This probably involves finding a nice pre-existing solution for doing client-side webpage localization. Anyone know about this?


Alternative approach may be to go with L20n, which is a new format with JS API that fits jetpack and provides much better localization experience.

User:Gandalf is working on JEP for that and initial implementation, check at [1]