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Summary Owner References Status
electrolysis integration Atul Electrolysis/Jetpack bug 567703 E10S team landed support on Firefox/Gecko trunk; bsmedberg provided POC of Jetpack code running in separate process; Atul focused on figuring out architecture for integration; no estimated completion date at this point
catalog API needs of popular add-ons Brian [Myk: perhaps this should be part of an API analysis and refinement push in the 0.6/0.7 cycles.]
separate thread addons Atul [Myk: it sounds like the electrolysis team is pushing for separate-process addons in the near-term, so it's unclear how useful this would actually be.]
code-similarity analysis tools Brian? [Myk: would be useful to have this for both SDK and FlightDeck.]
module usage static analysis for package size optimization ('require' scanner / minimal linker / import-security-enforcement) [Myk: 0.6?]
Twitter example third-party API [Myk: something to prioritize for SDK 0.5, since we'll be doing a big push for developers after that release?]
object introspection and logging via in-application console ddahl?
Review and review-identified fixes for all code in repository
Identification and resolution of top user experience papercuts
Zarro pending patches or patch-like contributions (particularly code provided by folks unfamiliar with our patch/review process)