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Current Jetpack Members and Levels of Commitment

The following is an at-a-glance status of all members of the Jetpack development team accompanied by their level of resource commitment for the current development period.

Member Focus Commitment
Myk Implementing Panel Full-Time
Atul Quick-kills of 0.1 errata, reassess development bandwidth in mid-March for potential JEP API work Full-Time
Ddahl Places - No progress. working on DevTools / Console for Sub Part-Time
Zpao API feedback and code review Sub Part-Time
Drew Implementing Context Menu and Simple Storage Full-Time
Brian Learn/attempt API design on low-hanging JEP, security reviews, Content Frame JEP work Part-Time
Gandalf Implementing L20N service for Jetpack + code review. Possible week-log development visit in March Part-Time
Contractor(s) Possible unit-driven API development - Likely the Selection JEP Part-Time