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About the SDK

The Jetpack SDK is a set of tools and APIs for building, testing, and packaging Firefox add-ons.

Version 0.2 features a number of bug fixes and enhancements, especially for Windows users. In particular, it’s now easier to run unit tests and see their results on Windows. It does not yet include the high-level APIs we’re developing for simplified add-on development, however. Those will begin arriving in future releases.

Notable bug fixes:

Notable enhancements:

  • The --no-quit flag is no longer necessary to see test results on Windows, and it has been removed.

A complete list of changes is available in the source code repository.


First, obtain the SDK in your favorite compression format:

Once you've got that, just unpack the archive, open the jetpack-sdk/README.txt file, and follow its instructions.

Known Issues

  • The cfx test and run commands generate the message "Program terminated unsuccessfully" on some OSes, even though the commands succeed.

Feedback and Bug Reports

We'd love to hear any feedback you have regarding this release. Feel free to post it to the discussion forum or file a bug.