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About the SDK

The Jetpack SDK is a set of tools and APIs for building, testing, and packaging Firefox add-ons.

Notable enhancements:

  • Tabs API - The tabs module provides easy access to tabs and tab-related events.
  • Request API - The request module lets you easily make network requests.
  • Load/unload reasons - Add-ons can now find out when they are being loaded for the first time after being installed or enabled and unloaded because they are being uninstalled or disabled.
  • Localization API - The localization module provides simple localization functionality. It makes it possible to retrieve localized versions of the strings in your code. And it doesn't require you to solicit localizations from localizers or bundle localizations with your code, as the module retrieves them automatically from a web service based on the strings your code is using.
  • Selection API - The selection module provides a means to get and set current text/HTML selections as well as observe new selections.

A complete list of changes is available in the source code repository.


First, obtain the SDK in your favorite compression format:

Once you've got that, just unpack the archive, open the jetpack-sdk/README.txt file, and follow its instructions.

Known Issues

  • bug 567334 - Certain tests may fail when run against a localized build of Firefox.

Feedback and Bug Reports

We'd love to hear any feedback you have regarding this release. Feel free to post it to the discussion forum or file a bug.