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Add-on SDK is a software development kit that provides a set of tools and APIs for building, testing, and packaging Firefox add-ons.

The 1.0b4 release is the fourth beta release of the SDK. It includes a variety of changes from the previous version of the software, the most notable of which are listed below.


Obtain the SDK in your favorite compression format:

Then unpack the archive, open the addon-sdk-1.0b4/README.txt file, and follow its instructions.

Notable Changes

  • New Passwords API, enabling you to retrieve stored authentication credentials (e.g. usernames and passwords) from the host application, and store new credentials.
  • Enhancements to the Panel API that improve the appearance and placement of anchored panels.
  • New once method added to the EventEmitter API, which enables listeners to receive an event notification only once, the next time the event occurs.
  • New tab property added to the Worker API, which returns the tab associated with that worker. This is primarily useful to fetch the tab associated with a page-mod's content scripts.

Known Issues

  • Although the SDK is not compatible with Firefox 3.6, cfx test and cfx run may use Firefox 3.6 by default if you have it installed. To work around the problem, specify the location of the Firefox 4.0 binary with the --binary option.
  • A variety of tests are failing intermittently. (bug 606351)
  • It's not currently possible to use SDK modules from inside a XUL-based extension. (bug 641215)

Also see the complete list of known issues and requests for enhancement.

Feedback and Bug Reports

We'd love to hear any feedback you have regarding this release! You can post it to the discussion group or report a bug.