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Be E10S-compatible. Be beta quality.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, October 18 Friday, October 22 delays releasing 0.9 and the details of the switch to Git delayed this thaw
Freeze Wednesday, November 10 (11am PT)
RC1 Wednesday, November 10
Final Wednesday, November 17

Status: Released: 2010-11-?

Major Deliverables

Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
E10S integration framework Atul P1 bug 567703 [DONE]
CommonJS-compatibility fixes Brian P1 bug 606597 [DEFER] deferred because not beta blocker
E10S-compatibility fixes for Widget API Dietrich P1 bug 569479 [DONE]
Places API Dietrich P2 JEP 114 bug 545700 [MISSED] Lots of tests and docs done, but deprioritized in favor of e10s work -> miss.
switch from add/remove to construct/destroy model Drew P1 bug 596053 [ON TRACK] last patch ready to land
E10S-compatibility fixes for windows API Felipe P1 bug 606582 [DONE] turns out there were no incompatibilities to resolve
make high-level modules use EventEmitter event model Irakli P1 bug 593737 [DONE] context-menu is left, but it isn't a beta blocker
E10S-compatibility fixes for tabs API Irakli P1 bug 593908 [DONE]
rename product to Add-on SDK Myk P1 bug 570876 [DONE]
document content scripts Will P1 bug 605283 [DONE]
make Markdown syntax understand classes Will P1 bug 605627 [DONE] patch reviewed; needs checkin