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Land E10S compatibility. Flesh out the SDK with important missing APIs.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, July 26 Tuesday, July 27 a day late due to late-breaking 0.6 respin
Freeze Tuesday, August 17 (11:59pm PT)
RC1 Wednesday, August 18 Thursday, August 19 blocker resolution delays
RC2 Tuesday, August 24 found some additional blockers (test failures)
Final Wednesday, August 25 Thursday, August 26? delay due to time needed to bake respun build

Status: Released: 2010-08-26


Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
E10S-compatible context-menu API Drew P1 bug 578849 [MISSED] Drew PTO today through freeze
E10S-compatible Panel API Myk P1 JEP 103, bug 494238 [DONE]
E10S-compatible Page Mods API P1 JEP 107 bug 546739 [MISSED] has patch, decision made to delay landing (and breaking API) until we get feedback on Panel API
E10S-compatible Widget API Myk P1 [MISSED] same as for Page Mods API (except that patch does not yet exist)
module usage manifest generation and loading as determined by code analysis Brian P1 [MISSED] manifest being generated, haven't made enough progress on the loader side; Brian focusing on review tool
Window API Felipe P1 bug 571449 [MISSED] pushed to 0.8 to resolve some api semantics issues
Sidebar API Irakli P1 bug 578230 [MISSED] had a patch; tried to update to use Panel; ran into some issues; just fixed them all; will submit patch for review today; patch is not complete
Places API Dietrich P1 JEP 114 bug 545700 [MISSED] closer, but still needs work
Complete documentation for all APIs Noelle P1 bug 563284 [MISSED]
community flow wiki page Noelle P2 bug 584183 [MISSED]
Docs Restructuring Noelle P2 bug 565204 [MISSED]
Clipboard API Dietrich P2 bug 584063 [DONE]
Notification API Drew P2 bug 578238 [DONE]