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Make progress towards beta.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Monday, September 20 Friday, September 24 0.8 was late getting stable, delaying this thaw
Freeze Wednesday, October 13 (11am PT) Wednesday, October 13 (11am PT)
RC1 Wednesday, October 13 Monday, October 18 delayed by test failures
RC2 tentative: Tuesday, October 19 respin due to docs bug
Final Wednesday, October 20 tentative: Thursday: October 21 delay due to respin

Status: Released: 2010-10-21

Major Deliverables

Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
pass all tests on Firefox 4 nightly builds Myk P1 [MISSED] most test failures resolved, but a few remain
distinguish between high and low level modules Atul P1 bug 592848 [DONE]
E10S integration PoC Atul P2 [DONE] request module POC ported and available in Atul's GitHub repo
identify dependent modules by relative path Brian P1 bug 591525 [DONE]
E10S-compatibility fixes for Context Menu API Drew P1 bug 578849 [DONE]
make high-level modules use EventEmitter event model Irakli P1 bug 593737 [MISSED] most modules updated, but tabs, context-menu, and windows (the latter landed by then backed out due to test failure) remain
E10S-compatibility fixes for Private Browsing API Irakli P1 bug 592821 [DONE]