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Make progress on E10S integration.


Milestone Expected Actual Notes
Thaw Wednesday, December 1 Wednesday, December 1
Freeze Wednesday, January 19 @ 11am PT Wednesday, January 19 @ 11am PT
RC1 Wednesday, January 19 Wednesday, January 19
Final Wednesday, January 26 Thursday, January 27 The release was delayed one day as Myk was unable to complete pre-release tasks in time due to a jetscramble.

Status: Released: 2011-01-27

Major Deliverables

Summary Owner Priority References Status Notes
CommonJS compatibility Brian P1 bug 606597 [DONE] jburke's asynchronous define to be r+ed, landed this afternoon; should be able to get "module.exports =" and "module.setExports" and "" up for review this afternoon, with good chance of getting that stuff in before freeze; atul will look at "fixing spelling of test and doc directories", status unclear
Page Mods E10S Integration Irakli P1 bug 621702 [MISSED] far from being done
Traits simplification Irakli P1 bug 596248 [MISSED] patches in review
annotator addon Will P1 bug 624607 [MISSED] issues identified in review; currently diagnosing
docs reorg Will P1 bug 619707 [MISSED] r+, but feels better to land at beginning of next cycle, as it is large, disruptive change