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Summary Owner Bug Status Notes
Add-ons should be able to do stuff on uninstall, even if they're disabled Alex bug 571049 [ON TRACK]
bypass content scripts for an addon's own local content Alex bug 612726 [ON TRACK]
Allow adding CSS stylesheets to page with page-mod API Alex bug 634764 [ON TRACK]
Stop cfx when using Firefox 3.6 binary Alex bug 642453 [ON TRACK]
widget with html content has no icon customize toolbar Alex bug 660857 [ON TRACK]
no detach events triggered on widgets when they are removed from panel Alex bug 660860 [ON TRACK]
Content script using XPathResult constants fails Alex bug 665280 [ON TRACK]
Content-script code still executing after worker is detached Alex bug 666335 [ON TRACK]
notice single quotes in package.json and complain usefully Brian bug 588243 [ON TRACK]
Remove .packaging from "globals" (available to all modules) Brian bug 596077 [ON TRACK]
Check for chrome authority should be comment-aware Brian bug 645458 [ON TRACK]
make unresolved-module warning/errors prettier Brian bug 654615 [ON TRACK]
cfx xpi creates corrupted add-ons for packages that have id property without @ Brian bug 660873 [ON TRACK]
Add-on bar toolbar gets displayed on every restart after being manually closed Irakli bug 627484 [ON TRACK]
Request throw exception when options.content contains a null value Irakli bug 647286 [ON TRACK]
Cortext throw exception on properties without setter Irakli bug 653464 [ON TRACK]
selection.text returns null instead of the selected text when the selection is in a text box or text area Matteo bug 581982 [ON TRACK]
add image data support to the clipboard api Matteo bug 586047 [ON TRACK]
Add a "isPersistent" attribute for panels Matteo bug 595040 [ON TRACK]
Add-ons are using wrong font family and text color Matteo bug 627189 [ON TRACK]
Need method to track active window Matteo bug 639403 [ON TRACK]
Widget height is not updated when moved to bigger panel Matteo bug 660862 [ON TRACK]
activate fails to find 64-bit python on 64-bit windows environments Myk bug 571843 [ON TRACK]
Error: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value Myk bug 574563 [ON TRACK]
remove ability to set collection property Myk bug 588250 [ON TRACK]
Unit tests should run in deterministic order Myk bug 608488 [ON TRACK]
cfx does not lauch from within "Documents and settings" Myk bug 614199 [ON TRACK]
APIs that take a local file URL should be able to pass a string filename Myk bug 614894 [ON TRACK]
SDK: bin\activate.bat doesn't find python, but it is installed Myk bug 623980 [ON TRACK]
Add ability to anchor a panel to a widget Myk bug 638142 [ON TRACK]
Event Emitter needs it's "private" APIs documented Will bug 609572 [ON TRACK]
SDK docs should be searchable Will bug 620769 [ON TRACK]
Make examples browsable in SDK docs Will bug 655401 [ON TRACK]
add FAQ describing the current status of addon localization Will bug 664374 [ON TRACK]