Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-09-20

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  • FlightDeck Updates
    • Status of repacks (We need these now so there is ample time for a test before Fx 7!)
  • SDK 1.2 Status
  • Jeff: workshop prep check-in
  • Jeff: 1Password support, issues
  • Feedback on changes Myk proposed to Dev plan?(Link to proposal)



  • flightdeck repack is blocked on staging database problem, dbuc will push IT to try to fix it today
  • wbamberg wants a Changelog, or something, to find out what's going into each release
    • both what actually lands and what's scheduled for the upcoming release
    • an actual Changelog means merge conflicts
    • walking git history is a drag
    • wes points out that the bugzilla "milestone" field is now available, could be updated when we land code
  • london workshop is next week!
  • Jeff is helping author of 1password isolate memory problem in context-menu
    • gabor, alexp may help investigate
  • changes to dev plan
    • release SDK 3 weeks before FF, instead of 2, more time for repacking
      • do one 5-week cycle to catch up
    • only ship beta from release branch, skip alphas
    • label trunk as ${NEXTVERSION}a0, i.e. "1.3a0" for current trunk
    • generally folks agreed, dcm still wants to think about FF-3wk vs FF-2wk
    • alexp: could use more visiblity into the overall schedule. myk: trunk is, in theory, always open
  • Jeff is setting up Planet Jetpack: aggregator of jetpack-specific blog entries: send him your feeds