Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-10-11

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  • FlightDeck
  • SDK
  • Bug
    • 9 'unconfirmed' bugs, one of which are actually assigned...
  • Roundtable
    • Volunteers! For SDK Hack day, MV office, Saturday November 19th.
      • need 2-3 people to give short talks and help people with SDk questions ...punch and pie.


  • kwierso
  • canuckistani
  • dcm
  • gozala
  • ochameau
  • wbamberg
  • dhorner
  • dietrich
  • krizsa
  • dbuc
  • arron
  • warner
  • myk


FlightDeck Updates

  • dbuc: yesterday kumar ran a script to modify addons that were broken by repack
  • script appeared to work but actually didn't, XPIs only had install.rdf
  • working to fix script, addons have been restored from backup on production
  • meanwhile piotr is updating repacker with versioning script we agreed upon
  • if we have further problems, maybe we'll just do repack again
  • myk: we have further problems
  • kumar ran a script to fix the problems on dev server yesterday late afternoon/early evening
  • in testing last night and this morning, that script didn't fix the problems or caused new ones
  • dbuc: should we just do repacks again?
  • dcm: it's an option, yes; can you test repacks in parallel?
  • dbuc: yes
  • dcm: then fix the repacker, test it, and if the fixer script is still having problems, it's an option
  • -> dbuc to update bug, keep project apprised, and update planners at planning meeting tomorrow

SDK Updates

  • gozala: there was a keybindings bug on a problem we thought was a regression in 1.1
  • but it turned out that the developer had modified an SDK module, and the repacker broke their modification
  • the repacker should take that into account
  • gozala: also, there's bug about allowing additional keybindings
  • should we cherry-pick that to the stabilization branch?
  • myk: does it fix a regression?
  • gozala: no
  • myk: then it's an enhancement rather than a bug fix
  • so let's ship it in the next release off the development branch
  • gozala: once we ship it, we should communicate back to the developer of that addon
  • that they don't need to modify the SDK's module anymore
  • dcm: dbuc, do you have a list of addons that modified hotkey functionality?
  • dbuc: i think wil has that list
  • myk: in the future, we'll only repack Builder addons, where we don't have to worry about addons modifying the SDK
  • but for this first repack, we repacked local addons, so we do have to worry about it
  • so if we redo the repack, we need to make sure that the repacker doesn't repack addons that modified the SDK
  • canuckistani: when do we expect l10n and mobile support to land?
  • ochameau: i don't have any dates
  • will update l10n bug shortly
  • have mobile patches in queue, first should land soon
  • but mobile support is divided into multiple branches
  • dcm: our goal is full mobile support by end of year

Bug Update

  • kwierso: there are a number of unconfirmed bugs
  • some of them are prioritized
  • do we care whether bugs are new vs. unconfirmed?
  • myk: i think it's useful
  • unconfirmed bugs are filed by new users
  • we haven't seen their bugs before, not sure about their bug filing skills
  • it's useful to have someone check them
  • and if it isn't a bug, help them get the support they need
  • if it is a bug, but it doesn't have enough info for developer to reproduce and fix, help get that info
  • so i think we should keep it
  • but we need to make sure to do the work


  • canuckistani: planning SDK hack day in r2d2 and c3po rooms in Mountain View
  • Saturday, November 19, all day
  • hope to get 2-3 people to help out
  • event planner starting in two weeks and can help
  • i'll be there, looking into catering
  • need 1-2 addl. people to help out
  • dietrich: i will be there
  • warner: i can be there too
  • gozala: i might be there, not sure
  • ochameau: should i go to MozCamp?
  • lots of people are going to talk about localization
  • canuckistani: yes, that's what i'm talking about there
  • ochameau: lots to be done, critical features to implement
  • dcm: will gandalf be there?
  • canuckistani: i think it's a good opportunity
  • i have 20 minute speaking slot on first day, hoping to set up BOF on second day
  • gozala: does anyone know where ejpbruel's e10s work lives?
  • myk: might have gotten email from eddy with this info
  • -> myk to forward email to gozala if he can find it
  • dietrich: project branch is holly