Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-11-15

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  • Flightdeck
  • SDK
  • Roundtable


  • warner
  • gozala
  • Mossop
  • ochameau
  • canuckistani
  • ZER0
  • krizsa
  • KWierso
  • dhorner
  • wbamberg
  • myk
  • dbuc
  • arron
  • ejpbruel
  • erikvold
  • jorgev



  • 1.3rc1 to be spun today
  • if something needs to ship in 1.3, it's now or never (unless it is a true blocker)
  • potential changes to cherry-pick for 1.3:
    • clean up workers after they are invalidated to suppress exceptions
    • XUL migration guide
  • we decided not to ship fix for content script scope sharing issue


  • release this week
    • jinja templates
    • search enhancements: facets will show up in search results (library size, dependencies)
    • ability to sort by recency
  • changes are a step toward helping you find the best twitter library
  • working on getting shipyard (modular frontend framework) integrated
  • working on 2012 plan, focus is on making app a client-side open web app accessible from Firefox Tools menu
  • dbuc having difficulty reproducing ochameau's issue with addons not being updated


  • l10n updates
    • ochameau got great feedback from mozcamp attendees about issues with using JSON format to store localizations
    • other options include .properties files and YAML files
    • -> ochameau to post to discussion group about issues with JSON and the other options
  • MozCamp followup
    • it was awesome
    • got tons of feedback about localization from various folks, including prominent addon developers
    • canuckistani attended meeting of AMO editors group and learned about their issues
    • most addon developers there are doing deep integration with traditional addons
    • issues they raised included bloat (addon size, startup performance) and a desire to use XUL to create interfaces
    • bloat issues are part reality, part perception; need to know specifics
    • we can address bloat issues in various ways: disentangle dependencies, minify code, land code in Firefox
    • -> jorgev to measure startup performance again
  • flightdeck-as-app, SDK-in-browser, future plans
    • we should figure out the schedule for making the SDK an addon
    • FlightDeck will benefit from that
    • dcm should drive this
    • we should figure out how we want jetpack to look a year from now
    • -> myk to add to agenda for next week, when dcm will be in attendance
  • ejpbruel: what is the status of prioritizing platform bugs?
    • all bugs have been prioritized
    • bugs in the SDK product have priority field set
    • bugs in other products have [jetpack:Pn] in status whiteboard field
  • Jetpack forum: is sad
    • folks who post often don't get responses
    • folks in the Jetpack discussion (i.e. Google) group do get responses
    • stackoverflow questions get answers because Wladimir Palant answers them all
    • we decided to have two forums, one for project discussion, one for user support
    • but we probably don't have enough traffic to justify two groups
    • and AMO seems unlikely to fix issues that make it hard to track the support forum
    • so we should shut down the support forum and consolidate to the google group
    • and if we change our minds later, set up a support forum using different technology (f.e. Stack Overflow)
    • -> canuckistani to propose shutting down group
  • status of Preferences API?
    • peregrino requested a pull while working as an intern last summer
    • myk reviewed the pull and identified some issues
    • the pull request needs to be adopted, issues addressed, and rereviewed
    • erikvold is interested in taking this on
    • -> canuckistani to follow up with him