Labs/Jetpack/Weekly Meeting/2011-11-29

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  • ZER0
  • ejpbruel
  • warner
  • mossop
  • dcm
  • kwierso
  • krizsa
  • dhorner
  • warner
  • dbuc
  • arron
  • wbamberg
  • dveditz



  • release coming up this Wednesday
  • some risky stuff, particularly jinja templatization of editor; dbuc noticed a number of small bugs after it landed
  • Add-on Builder Helper development will start taking place via the Builder so we dogfood the Builder for building that addon
  • 2012 plans to make Builder an app: people generally in agreement, still talking to folks, dbuc wants to talk to Kevin Dangoor in particular


  • we're going to release 1.3 this afternoon
  • please add missing stuff to the release notes
  • we aren't going to repack addons to 1.3, which remains compatible with Firefox
  • we are going to merge from development to stabilization today for 1.4 release
  • land new features and enhancements today if you want them in 1.4
  • bug fixes may land during stabilization period, depending on how risky they are


  • Bypass content script - global name choice
    • we need to figure out what to call the JSON communications pipe accessor object
    • feedback requested: read the etherpad and let ochameau know your thoughts
    • -> myk and ochameau to talk about the naming issue after the meeting
  • New XPI file layout
    • it is a big change, will require Builder changes to maintain compatibility with the SDK
    • warner has some changes that are gated on this work, will talk to ochameau about it
  • status of Q4 goals
    • basic localization: can land for 1.5 release for sure, we just need to make a final decision about the format to use
    • unpackless XPIs: ochameau's XPI layout simplification gets us closer; will need changes to mozrunner code; pretty close, is doable to land by end of quarter
    • page-mod mobile addons: some issues to discuss, at risk, will know more by end of week, major issue is that new native fennec implementation is changing daily
    • IndexedDB API: on track, should land by end of month, patch ready soon, will partly depend on speed of platform review, which has taken a while in the past
    • Add-on Tab API: gozala to work on, he isn't in meeting, no status on that at moment
  • we will review these goals weekly in these meetings through the end of the quarter